FFXIV – Oh look, Shadowbringers is a success.

I, like everyone else it seems, am quite enamored with ShB. It’s a really solid expansion with great writing and good antagonists. Sorry Zenos, but “I want to be the very best like no one ever was” does not a deep villain make.

What I really want to talk about right now is lore. So much lore. So many answers. So many explanations and questions.

So. Many. Spoilers.

So I won’t talk about it. It’s meant to be experienced. Still, there may come a time in six months to a year that I feel it’s acceptable to begin discussing what we know now and its implications. There are a few other things we can talk about though, like the trust system.

So the advantage of the system is that it allows you to grind dungeons and/or progress the story without needing other people. It essentially functions as a solo experience, and it works pretty well. Likewise, my number one concern was that it removed some of the motivation to do content with other players. It seems like it could end up being a pretty solid blow to both queue times and the overall community by allowing everyone to drift apart and do their own thing.

Once you reach the end of the main story, though, their level resets to 71 and no longer syncs upward. You have to manually level them, to the tune of 16 runs per dungeon in order to get them enough experience to do the next one up. This means that you cannot simply grind the last dungeon without doing roughly 64 runs, at around 30 minutes each, to get there. Even then, that’s only a specific team of three that have been leveled. It would be faster and more efficient to simply do the dungeons with other players, which usually goes slightly faster to boot.

Among the other new things I’ve tinkered with are the new gathering/crafting quests. Instead of each hand/land job having its own series of quests, they’re lumped together in vaguely related categories. Facet of gathering/fishing/forging, etc. I’ve actually already got my Miner to 80, mostly because the xp reward for an all-hq quest turn-in is absurd. The item rewards are pretty solid too. At least for the gathering one, it felt very much worth it. Of course, now I have to do Botanist the hard way, leves and collectables. My custom deliveries should reset today as well, which will also help.

The gear progression is a little odd though. I used my yellow script gear (Landking, I think) almost all the way from 70-80. In fact, I’m still wearing most of it now because white scripts are slow and what little exists on the market board, if it even exists at all, is extremely expensive at the moment. Typically commanding a 200-500K pricetag per piece. I’m certainly not broke, but the rate at which I’m currently making money means I must make those choices strategically. I also thought the Facet of Gathering quests were kinda cute, in a cryptozoological kind of way.

I reckon I need to get back to classwork though. Y’all take care, and I hope you’re enjoying whatever you’re playing as much as I am.

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