FFXIV – The Hype Train (Savage)

So, naturally, I’m excited about the expansion. By this time Friday the patch will be live for anyone who pre-ordered. Of course, that’s assuming it comes back up on time from a major 24-hour downtime patch. I personally might not even get a chance to play that day, between the realities of life, the login queues which are already a constant, and the inevitable hotfixes.

The login queue, in particular, is likely to be a problem. If you pay attention to the server status, it’s not uncommon to see primal and aether both locked down during peak hours, with many servers not accepting new character creation. There have been several times where both the Aether and Primal data centers are on complete lockdown, and the login queues, while short, are a constant companion, even on a “standard” world. On the bright side, the servers aren’t showing any major signs of overload yet, and I have every expectation that the afk-kick will be re-enabled. If not this patch, then in the near future.

My brother is planning to main Dancer at the moment, and that will also delay things a bit. We’ll have to get him caught up level-wise before we can start on the content properly. The good news is that since I’ll be running healer, I’ll be able to speed up queue times and just do dungeon spam to hopefully get there in a day or two, and this means I’ll be a little ahead of the curve for level-locked quests.

I am very much looking forward to dungeon progression, though I may come to regret that statement. I’ve been slowly working on unlocking the mentor roulette, which requires you to have unlocked almost all game content. All we have left is the last half of Alexander and we’ll be done.

The best part about that is I’ve seen content I didn’t even know existed, and some of it looks like it would be really fun when done synced. We two-manned most of it unsynced, which is still fun in its own way, especially since we had no idea what we were doing.

Okay, I’ll go be giddy and excited somewhere else. Please watch your step as you board or disembark from the hype train. That first step can be a doozy.

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