FFXIV – Ancient Empire Galore

So I’ve been working on unlocking and completing a lot of the side content lately, and among the things I’ve done in the last week are the Heavensward-era Alliance Raids. That’s Void Ark, Weeping City of Mhach, and Dun Scaith, in order.

While this raid series is predominantly about Mhach, it also mentions Amdapor, and I’m aware of Mhach’s involvement in the destruction of Nym from the Scholar quest line. My problem became one of timelines and names, though, because I also did the ARR raid series recently which involves the Allagan empire. Of course, this is FFXIV, what doesn’t involve Allagan empire?

I started trying to make some vague sense of the events of Eorzea’s distant past and put together some manner of vague timeline so I keep it straight. Before I proceed though, I’ll talk about the apparent naming conventions used in the ages to help keep things straight.

First, a given era is named according to its previous calamity. That is, we’re currently in the 7th Era, having recently experienced the 7th Umbral Calamity. The whole Umbral/Astral thing has been annoying me as well, as we’re technically in the 7th Astral Era and the ARR story begins in the 7th Umbral era. Near as I can tell, the Umbral part of the era is the aftermath of the calamity and recovery/rebuilding period, which becomes the Astral part in a vague way once those problems are mostly solved.

This does bring up an interesting question regarding the 1st calamity, which I’m assuming was the initial shattering of our world into different “shards,” while the following ones are allegedly when one of those shards rejoins our world, The Source. I’m not going to get into that here though.

  1. Third Astral Era
    • This is when the Allagan empire is formed. Everything we know about its inventions, technology, history, takes place within this time span. They got up to so much mischief that we’re still dealing with it, including the moon Dalamud and its resident(s), and the Crystal Tower, which is relevant to Shadowbringers somehow. At least a little.
    • The Crystal Tower functions as a manner of solar-powered antenna but lacked the strength to do what they wanted, so Dalamud was created to harness more power to be fed into it.
  2. Fourth Umbral Calamity (of Earth)
    • In their haste to embrace the power of darkness, a massive amount of energy is transferred all at once from Dalamud to the Tower. While this technically accomplished what they wanted, the vast majority of that power was ejected into the surrounding earth causing extreme seismic activity that ended Allag and buried the tower.
  3. Fourth Ara
    • If anything of note happened here, it hasn’t turned up while I was looking into this. This would include whatever events occurred involving the Fifth Umbral Calamity (of Ice).
  4. Fifth Era
    • This is the time period that includes the Mhach, Amdapor, Nym, and technically Skalla, though they don’t come up much.
    • Mhach was a nation that specialized in black magic and especially the summoning and binding of voidsent in order to perform and power various things. Since they were based in the same general area, I imagine them as the grand-father of Ul’dah. They were part of the three-way War of the Magi.
    • Amdapor, based in the forests we now associate with Gridania, developed White Magic as a solution to combat the black magic and voidsent of Mhach. They were the other major power involved in the War of the Magi.
    • Nym was a coastal empire that mostly floated above the surface, giving them a very fortress-like quality. Mhach would eventually trick someone into bringing a bound voidsent inside who afflicted them with a plague that turned them all into Tonberries, effectively removing them from the war.
  5. Sixth Umbral Calamity (of Water)
    • The amount of aether being used in this war, particularly the mismanagement of it all, angered the “elementals” who in turn manifested their rage as Oha-Sok, a sort of elemental primal I guess? Oha-Sok created a massive flood to destroy these civilizations and restore balance, of a sort.
    • Mhach attempted to create a massive voidsent-powered airship, but ultimately couldn’t contain the voidsent and perished in the process of dealing with them.
    • Amdapor as a city and nation was destroyed, though some of the residents managed to survive.
    • Nym put itself in a sort of stasis following its failure to cure the voidsent disease and facing total annihilation by flood.
    • Skalla was built in a ravine, it got extra wrecked. That ravine is the salt lochs found in Ala Mhigo.
  6. Sixth Umbral Era
    • Among other things, this is the time period in which the Zodiac Brave Story takes place. We’re still 1500 years from the present.
    • The survivors in Amdapor live in underground caverns because the elementals of the Twelveswood are still hostile. This ultimately leads to the Pad’jal and the art of conjury, creating a semi-stable sort of peace between them and the elementals. This is the early founding of Gridania.
    • Belah’dia rises in Thanalan, but a difference in opinion leads to it splitting into two separate city-states, Ul’dah, which still accepts magic, and Sil’dah, which doesn’t. War would eventually break out, and Sil’dah would ultimately lose and be all but forgotten.
    • Limsa Lominsa and Ishgard are also founded during this time period.
  7. Sixth Astral Era
    • Near the end of this era we see the rise of Garlemald, after its discovery of Magitek, and they begin a militaristic campaign of expansion. By this point, we’re only 15 years from the present. This ultimately leads to conflict in Eorzea, where they meet considerable resistance and they resort to using the “dark magic Meteor” to draw down the moon Dalamud in an attempt to succeed via total annihilation of the enemy. When the mood entered the atmosphere, though, it broke apart to reveal the primal Bahamut bound within, which proceeded to wreck havoc upon all sides, forcing everyone to quit the field.
  8. Seventh Umbral Calamity
    • The destructive force of this event had a number of effects, particularly revealing other Allagan relics like the Crystal Tower and Omega. It also revealed the ruins of Sil’dah and may be partially responsible for the events that woke the Void Ark.

Okay, run a bit long again. If anyone is interested, I source most of my information from the Final Fantasy Fandom wiki, with some personal knowledge mixed in here and there.

Y’all take care, and stay out of the rabbit hole. I’m lost and can’t find my way out.

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