Epic Games Store – Free Games Weekly?

So my regularly occurring Something New posts on Sunday, I had been taking advantage of twice a month free games from EGS. I noticed during this sale that they were doing one every week. They’ve really put me in a spot now by announcing they’ll be doing it the rest fo the year.

Now, that’s not to say that this is a bad thing. I’ll gladly accept another 28 free games, though that was about half their library last I checked and I’m curious how they intend to deal with that. I personally expect that we’ll see some repeats by the end of the year.

What it means for me, though, is that I can be a little more particular about which one I cover, if I wish, though the original point was to get caught up and cover the game that was actually still free, in case anyone wanted to check it out. That means I have to download, play, and write between Thursday afternoon and Sunday on a given week because the free game will have changed by the following Sunday.

Ah well, we’ll see. I was looking forward to trying Enter the Gungeon this weekend, so don’t be surprised if you end up hearing about that this Sunday. I actually did play last week’s game, Kingdom: New Lands, I just didn’t get around to writing the post.

It was a pretty good game. Little more difficult than I anticipated, as I never managed to clear the first area and each attempt took close to an hour. After the third or fourth failure, I moved on to other stuff. If nothing else, the gameplay itself was a cool concept and was executed well.

Y’all take care, and don’t mess with EGS. They have weaponized their cash flow.

3 thoughts on “Epic Games Store – Free Games Weekly?

  1. We seem to be almost at the point of companies nearly ready to pay -us- for our eyeballs/attention.

    I’ve been happily claiming the free games, a number are repeats of something already owned from Humble Bundles but it never hurts to have a second source to hedge one’s bets if a company closes down.

    Finding the time to install them and actually play is a whole ‘nother thing altogether.

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    1. I wonder if this is in response to a great number of people like myself who sign in precisely once a month to claim the free game and then aren’t seen again til the following month. xD

      Everything claimed by me so far has been a duplicate as well, so nothing that has made me actually jump out of my seat to install and play — but at this rate, maybe there will be something. I’d probably break down my walls against EGS to play something like Ashen. (But I also doubt that will go free in advance of its Steam launch… But… Maybe?)

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      1. I’ve always assumed it was to try and off-set the amount of negative press they’re getting for the various exclusivity agreements they keep setting up, but getting peole to open the client and check in is always good too. Trying to get those active weekly user numbers closer to the monthly ones.


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