E3 – Watching the Headlines go By

Normally I would be so far up in the E3 coverage that I wouldn’t remember half of it. I’d be able to write a week, at least, on the random bits I found interesting. This year, though, I seem destined to watch from the distance as the headlines roll past.

So far, the single biggest piece of information I personally liked and was surprised by was that Phantasy Star Online 2 is actually going to get an English release. It’s a decade late, really, but better late than never, I guess. In reality, I will most likely have forgotten by the time it gets here in 2020.

Likewise, the other most noteworthy thing I’ve heard so far is that the FFVII.. remake… remaster… whatever it is… got a solid release date. I don’t expect to be buying it, or playing it, especially with the way my schedule feels at the moment.

Looks good in the trailer, though. Combat looks very… FFXV.

Of course, the proper Squenix presentation isn’t until this evening. Bit late for my taste, but I may well try to get a look.

All in all, though, with Shadowbringers coming up I’m just finding it a little hard to entertain the idea of having time for much else. Nintendo might surprise me, though. There are a few cards they could play that would get my attention, though not necessarily my money. Of course, they issued a Cease and Desist to one of the prominent leakers. I assume this is to try and keep things a bit under wraps until the presentation. Such a Nintendo thing to do.

Of course, Ubisoft will be having their conference within a few hours of this post going live, but I’m not immediately aware of anything they would present that’s of interest to me. It’ll be over by the time I get home anyway, so I’m sure that takes some of the wind out of its sails too.

Among the ones I missed, Bethesda had nothing that immediately stands out. We knew TES6 wouldn’t be present, but I had hoped we would see at least a little bit about Starfield, if only because it was due to be released first, as I recall.

Meanwhile, EA is doing whatever EA does in its own little corner. I saw what I assume is another DLC/Expansion for the Sims 4 franchise in the list. I really need to check their store more often and see if I can snag Anthem for an absurdly low price. At the moment I’m holding out for $15, which is half of it’s currently on sale price of $30.

Think that covers the super broad highlights so far, at least for me. Y’all take care.

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