FFXIV – The Novice Network

You would think, given my experience with MMOs, that I would have learned by now how bad server chat tends to be. Such is the case with the Novice Network in XIV as well. Almost always off-topic and typically questionable even when it’s on topic.

I discovered this because I found out today that I qualify to flag myself as a mentor. I make an effort to at least be helpful, so figured there couldn’t be much harm in taking a shot at it.

Of course, the mentor flag, a golden crown next to your name, is often maligned these days, as some people seem to take it as a license to be overly critical. I personally believe it’s a bit of confirmation bias, at least a little bit, as there are plenty of people who don’t do that.

I’ll probably turn the novice network chat channel back off, though. It generates a lot of spam and I’ve had more luck helping people just by running around in lower level zones doing random activities and helping sprouts.

I don’t qualify for the mentor roulette either, but you pretty much have to have done every bit of instanced content available in order to qualify, I think. Some of those things, like Gildhests, I’ve barely done at all.

Just a quick thought, though. We’ll see how it works out soon enough.

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