The Repopulation – Still Existing

Here we are again with another update from the team over at The Repopulation. They had some interior water problems that delayed updates for a while, but seems like they’re working through it.

While I agree that the inventory system needs a lot of work, and it’s long been said to be the root cause of many of the game’s performance issues, I’m beginning to wonder about the pacing of their progress. They bought it a little over two years ago now as more of an idea and an IP. I always assumed it was to try and drive attention to their game engine.

I started wondering, this time, about their financial status and how long they can sustain this sort of development effort. To that end, I went in search of some financial statements.

At first, I thought that they might be a private corporation, as it was much more difficult to find anything solid than what I’m accustomed to. They do appear to be public, though I have no idea what a “public limited” company is, exactly. I even found what appears to be a financial statement as well.

Unfortunately, I’m either missing a huge detail, or this company is 20,000 leagues under the sea. All I see is a giant pile of debt that didn’t grow or shrink by any significant amount between 2016 and 2017 and only around 8K€ in the bank. Yeah, they’re owed some 2.6M€, but that’s only half of what they owe to others on paper?

I dunno, it didn’t help at all anyway.  Guess I’ll just keep watching the slow trickle of progress until something happens.

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