Epic Games Store – Finally Has a Sale

epic mega sale

Sale in the sense that many games cost less than normal, that is. Not going to lie, as much as I talk about EGS I’m beginning to feel like a bit of a shill. Alas, I’m not paid to promote it, which makes it better for them I guess? Free advertising?

It’s a good chance to pick up some of their exclusive titles for a little less than full retail. Most things seem to be $10 off, as long as they were originally more than $15. The steepest discounts percentage-wise are to the smaller indie titles they have given away previously.

The most notable thing is that this applies to pre-orders as well, so things like Borderlands 3 and Pheonix Point are also $10 off. I’m considering going ahead and picking up the later, we’ll see. I’m already in for an FFXIV sub and a modded Minecraft server at the moment and may be looking at owing a couple hundred in the very near future if I manage to get into this third class.

Still, if there was anyone eye-balling a game on the EGS now is the time.

I’m curious about the timing of the sale though, as they’ve been increasingly upsetting some communities by snapping up exclusives, and I wonder if this is their way of trying to earn back some goodwill.

I actually haven’t taken the time to see how that’s working out. Events conspired to keep me off the grid in the first half of the day, and the last half has been spent working on other things.

For the curious, it’s also quite a long-lived sale, lasting for just short of a month and refunding $10 to any existing pre-purchases as well as any qualifying purchase made after May 2nd as well. Pretty good terms, if you ask me. Like Mr. Moneybags running around handing out tenners “for the heck of it.”

Ultimately, I’m a consumer though, so I ought not look a gift horse in the mouth.

Y’all take care, and don’t spend any money you can’t afford.

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