Netflix at E3? Really?

So I just came across the news that Netflix of all companies is going to do a panel at E3 (Gamespot).

My initial reaction was very similar to Microsoft’s original XBOX announcement, “go home Bill, and come back when you fix your operating system.” Of course, I was a lot less polite than that, and it’s worth mentioning that the current version of Windows at the time was ME. However, despite my negative opinion they did it anyway and, needless to say, did a decent job at that. So, I guess maybe I should at least back off a second and see what it is Netflix wants to talk about.

Naturally, it’s about making game adaptations of their original series, to which I also didn’t exactly respond positively. Of course, game adaptations of TV and movies tend to fare much better than the other way around. Still a little sour on the heels of Telltales Games and Overkill’s The Walking Dead though.

It would seem they may be discussing their Stranger Things, as it’s mentioned in a separate thread along with some pictures that remind me of Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Seems like an appropriate look given the nature of the show.

Knowing absolutely nothing else about any of it, though, I personally expect them to be producing something slightly superior to mobile shovelware. I guess we’ll find out in about a month.

It occurs to me, suddenly, that this will be the first E3 to occur since I started the blog. I may well have to try and catch a few of the presentations I normally skip, and this would certainly be the sort of thing I normally skip and read about later. There’s also a good chance that this will happen during the day when I can’t watch. The 2019 Coliseum schedule isn’t currently available.

Oh well, maybe they’ll surprise us.

I usually try to catch all the major shows but looks like I’ll miss most or all of the Ubisoft event and the Nintendo event, which is fine, really. It’s typically the Bethesda and Squenix ones that I’m most interested in, though I’m not expecting either of them to cover the things I want to see. Bethesda already said they aren’t and with the XIV expansion on top of us, I’ll already know what I need to know. I’m sure they’ll be boarding for the hype train though.

Gotta watch out for that hype train. After Fallout 76 and Elder Scrolls Blades I wouldn’t recommend boarding the Bethesda train. I’m, uh, pretty sure I’m already on the Squenix train, but they haven’t punched my ticket yet so I’m staying pretty close to the door. Y’know, just in case.

Y’all stay safe, and maybe wait till the train pulls into station to disembark. I hear jumping off a moving train is unpleasant at best.

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