Revisiting My Schedule, Again

I know, just what everyone wants to read about, right? While I’m thinking about it, we got a small update to the Starbreeze situation today too.

Starbreeze has officially managed to come up with a little more cash by selling Dhruva Interactive to Rockstar for 7.9M( This is good news for Starbreeze because it’s reasonably close to what they purchased it for and they certainly need the cash. I still expect we’ll be seeing more of this sort of thing since their net loss for Q1 was around 16.9M. That means they got funding for an additional month or so of operation.

Having nothing to do with that, my daily game schedule has shifted for the first time in a few weeks, though not by a lot. Normally, after I get home and get food, rabbits, kids, etc settled, I normally poke around in modded Minecraft for a bit. My brother and I have been slowly working through the Project Ozone 3 modpack. Generally, after just a little bit of poking around, an hour tops, we switch over to FFXIV and at least get some queues knocked out.

This is where most of my discussion about XIV has come lately, as we generally do levelling, 50/60, trials, and occasionally some extra runs to finish off a level. The amount of time spent here is somewhat variable depending on which content we get and who we’re running it with. We had a great group that stomped Wanderer’s Palace in about 13 minutes the other day.

After that, we had been pushing first playthrough completion of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, which my brother had never played before. Now we’ve shifted a little bit to doing a back to back playthrough in storyline order. That is, BL1, Pre-Sequel, then BL2, all on 2nd playthrough/True Vault Hunter mode. We’re focusing on burning story content only so hopefully those will go by pretty quick. Still, like Minecraft, it’s rare for us to spend more than an hour on this.

A lot of this is to kill time while we ride the pre-expansion wave for XIV. A little over a week from now, on 5/23, we’re supposed to get the “class changes” live letter. This will be a major piece of news that sets our direction and guidance for the expansion. At that point, we’ll probably drop the extra activities and start gearing up and preparing for the drop.

One of the biggest unknowns, though, is how and where my upcoming classes are going to fit into my schedule. I know I’ve discussed this a lot, and maybe y’all are getting tired of my blow-by-blow discussion of how events are proceeding, but I am officially registered now. Only one class, but hoping I can get into one to three more. Paid for and everything, finally.

Of course, having said all that, all bets are off today due to my middle child’s birthday. Said child was already awake, moving around, and ready to go, at 4:15 this morning when I was getting ready for work. The excitement was palpable. That said, we’re talking about a child that’s now 9, so I’d say it’s par for the course.

Speaking of, I’ve got other stuff to be doing, so y’all take care. Remember, the candle only has two ends. If you try to burn both ends and the middle too you’re gonna have a bad time.

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