Something New – Adventure Academy


I was really hoping I would have more to say about this title, but I think that ultimately says all I need it to. Nevertheless, I’ll go over the basics.

The game itself is from the company that made ABC Mouse, and it’s intended to be an educational MMO for younger players. As such, I won’t be spending too much time on it, but I know I’m not the only parent in existence. Its target age range is 8-13, and it’s subscription based, though there’s currently a free trial going on.


Aside from having a rather simple interface, it at least has the shell of features we’re used to in an MMO, such as character customization. Options were a little limited, but I’ve seen worse. I believe you are free to change these options at will, though there may be some limits. I didn’t actually try. There’s even an inventory where one can collect a variety of different clothing. I’m assuming they’re purchased with in-game currency or found as quest rewards.


In the brief time I tried it, and let the kids try it, I believe everyone used the Beginner setting. I would like to have tried the others but didn’t due to dealing with other technical issues.


The gameplay is pretty much what one would expect from this product, with quests like the one pictured leading you through an introduction that leads you around the area and introduces you to some of the in-game lore. It does have a leveling system and some manner of cosmetic system as well.

Unfortunately, my youngest(7) didn’t care and got frustrated without my constant guidance, preferring to go play on the Switch instead. My oldest(10) was pretty quickly bored and didn’t even make it an hour of playing. He may have fared better with a slightly higher difficulty, but he didn’t want to try it and I wasn’t about to make him. It did run reasonably well on his laptop, though.

My middle child(9) wasn’t so lucky though. We spent quite a bit of time trying to get it running on the laptop they play roblox on, but couldn’t get it past 37%. I could not find any particular guidance or help on how to solve this problem. After several hours of arguing with it, I ultimately gave up and went on to do other things.

That’s enough childrens’ games for now. Y’all take care, and remember, we don’t actually know if the Library of Alexandria actually existed in the way we normally think of it.

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