More College, Pitchford V. Eddings, and Walkouts at Riot Games

Okay, new day, new start. One of the best and worst things about life is that no matter what today is like, tomorrow has an extremely high chance of occurring and always has the potential to be better. Of course, it also has a chance of being just as bad, or worse, but it hasn’t ever stayed that way indefinitely, though it doesn’t always feel like it.

Among the good news I got yesterday was the fact that some of my previous college classes actually transferred. I emailed my advisor about registering via email and included a guideline of what I was considering and received a list of around five classes, three of which I had proposed for the first semester, I already had credit for.

Now, this was a surprise, but a welcome one. These credits are mostly from classes I took nearly two decades ago at a local technical college operating on a quarter system instead of a semester system. Transfers of that kind are typically iffy at best. It’s also worth pointing out that they’re mostly core classes like Comp 1 and college algebra. While a refresher would be ideal, saving time and money is also worthwhile.

Meanwhile, I’m monitoring this weird back and forth between Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox Games, and David Eddings, the voice actor for Claptrap. It’s a very strange sort situation and it’s hard to know who’s got the right of it. It’s very he-said/she-said. It’s approaching a level of absurdity that’s almost larger than life and staged.

Without the ability to discern reality from fiction, though, I find myself without a particularly strong opinion either way. Industry-related twitter battles aren’t exactly helpful when trying to assess an upcoming product. If anything, it reflects poorly on Gearbox.

I’m also casually watching the series of developer walk-outs and such, like the one that just occurred at Riot Games. It’s a shame that it’s come to that, but it’s good to see people standing up for themselves. Hopefully, it will improve their workplace conditions.

That’s always one of those topics that I feel reluctant to talk about. While I have actively avoided naming my employer, I can’t imagine anything good can come of talking about policy changes in my specific workplace. Not that I think my employer or any of their competitors are actively monitoring my blog. I suppose I’ll have plenty of extra materials if I ever find myself employed elsewhere.

On that note, I suppose I’ll quit rambling for today and move on. I’m sure I’ll have more college related things to discuss in the future, and I just got a notification that EA and Sony are announcing earnings this evening, so that may prove interesting. Sony not so much, it’s a massive company with a lot going on, but EA should be especially interesting considering the current state/status of Bioware and Anthem.

Y’all take care.

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