Summer Classes, or Something

I’ve had an empty up all day and just now getting to it. It’s been that kind of day.

What free time I do have has been devoted to doing some research regarding college courses. I somewhat accidentally stumbled upon the document that shows the projected order of classes for the degree I’m after and, since I’ll be registering for classes in a couple of weeks, I started looking it over.

I very quickly realized that it’s going to be a bit weird because I’m starting on a summer semester instead of the typical autumn. This meant I needed to double check all these classes and make sure they’re actually available in their respective semesters and rearranging some of them to meet the prerequisites for some of the electives. So far it looks like the first four-ish semesters are in the clear.

Having said that, I’m beginning to question the sanity of all this. The last two years of combined major/minor courseload seem absolutely absurd. Not that I need to be worried about all that right now, best laid plans and all that.

The main goal was to not show up and have my answer to which electives I’d like to be “I don’t know.” I mean, it’s the first year, not a lot of options or variation. Gotta got those English and math prereqs done so you can do anything else.

Something I’ve thought a bit about is also the value of starting with and/or taking classes during the summer semester. Ultimately it’s a matter of efficiency and momentum. I’m obviously not the age, mindset, and background of the typical college student. I’m so far removed from the idea of having summer off or free that it honestly didn’t occur to me that a “college age” student might.

The biggest one, though, is momentum. See, it’s like my blog posts, right? I keep doing it because I do it every day and it has momentum. I would draw a comparison to Newton’s First Law of Motion, that an object at rest tends to remain at rest, and an object in motion tends to remain in motion, unless acted upon by an outside force. While I’ve missed a couple of days, post-wise, it was never more than one day at a time, and most of those times I was busy and forgot. Only once did I make the conscious decision to not write a post.

There is a high probability that if I allowed myself to do so, the energy required to begin again would quickly become more than I’m willing to exert.

Of course, this ignores the other various problems with summer classes, like availability and condensed nature of cramming them into a smaller space.

We’ll see. I’m literally not able to register for classes for another two weeks yet. Cross these bridges when I get to them. Y’all take care.


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