Rambler of Light – Thoughts on Race and Class Change

So I’m seeing that the FFXIV Live Letter, the big one with class highlights, is going to be on or around May 24th. Around three and a half weeks from today. This puts it around a month out from early access with an extra week to full launch. It will hopefully answer the outstanding question about which class(es) I’ll be using for most of the expansion content.

This mount is absolutely absurd.

I’ve been working on leveling White Mage, and I’m currently just shy of 67. It is highly unlikely that I’ll be using Whm for the expansion, but it’s always helpful to learn what each class plays like, especially since I used to tank. Once I’m done with that I’ll probably roll into doing Astrologian so I can start clearing out lower level healer gear and complete the “set” of healers, as it were.

There’s also this ongoing debate about race changes. At first, I was considering changing to Hrothgar once the expansion came out. I’m not so certain now though. I’ve never used a fantasia before and I find the idea of a different character appearing in the story cutscenes a little off-putting, especially a more bestial one. Of course, I generally dislike the emotes and facial expressions for Miqo’te, so there’s that. Still, I wonder if I wouldn’t prefer something like the Au’Ra instead.

Returning to the class debate, though, I’m not sure that healing is exactly my forte. I never really feel like I’m doing it quite right. It’s functional but rarely feels like it’s “working” properly.

The idea going into the expansion is to take the time to see and experience the story for ShB while still being vaguely prepared when the raid tier starts. This means we’ll actually be starting during the early access period, and as of yet, nobody else from our play group has pre-ordered. This leaves us with having to consider our duo makeup for the first week as an expedient one, tank and healer, regardless of what we actually intend to main.

To that end, we’ve actually both been leveling those classes. My focus has been on the Whm and my brother has been doing Warrior. If I heal, though, it would likely be Astro or Sch. Whm in its current form just… isn’t my thing.

Of course, having said all that, we’re getting a new tank class, so tanks may be high enough supply that healers get the insta-que and we can simply run heal/dps. We’ve talked about co-healing as well, but we obviously can’t do story content this way, since a standard party only has one healer spot.

Actually, there is an answer to that. Scholar and Summoner share the same level, unless they change it. This means if I wanted to run Scholar in end-game content I could conceivably run Summoner through story content and have a high level healer as a result. Though I really dislike Smn in its current form, and I don’t see any way for them to fix it.

Either way, I guess we’ll cross that bridge in about a month. Y’all take care, and if someone asks if you’re the Courier of Light, just say no.

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