Random Stuff + Conflicts of Interest

It’s going to be a weird week. Today is a bit of a short day, with most of the processes I normally deal with not even running. There’s always a chance that I won’t be here at all tomorrow, depending on how things go today. Tomorrow will actually be a normal day if things go as they would like, and then it’s back on overtime after that. It’s been an almost constant companion for several months.

At the same time, I’m using the Chrome Grammarly plug-in to write as well. Near as I can tell the number one thing it doesn’t like is my comma usage, always wanting to add and remove them. I know it’s not their only purpose, but I generally use them anywhere I would have a verbal pause in my normal speech pattern. I suppose this indicates that my verbal commas are also used incorrectly.

I already know there’s an earnings report from Sony this Friday for their Q4? I think? Maybe that’ll turn up something interesting, we’ll see. In the meantime, it seems like GameStop’s stock is continuing to trend slightly downward.

This brings up an interesting point I’ve been thinking about. I have deliberately avoided writing posts about any company that I actually own shares of, which is easy because there are only two at the moment an energy company and one share of a specific gaming company that Robinhood gave to me for free. Fortunately, it’s not one I find myself likely to talk about.

If I did, say, buy shares of GameStop though, that would put my writing in a strange position. An argument could be made that I’m talking about it in order to further my own ends. That said, one could make that case already. Reporting that the company isn’t doing well could be viewed as trying to manipulate the price down so I can buy it for less. Of course, that assumes I have way more influence than I actually possess.

It still bothers me though. It seems to be a conflict of interest and I’m not really sure how to resolve that. Of course, it’s really no different than monetizing the blog, which I also don’t do. Just because a blog is theoretically connected to profit doesn’t mean it’s a conflict of interest.

Either way, I’m gonna quit talking and wander off. Y’all take care, and as Sir Pratchett once wrote in a book I’ve never read: “Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.”

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