Albion Online – The Slowdown

So, it comes as no surprise that after the fairly quick start in Albion to get off the ground and running at the T4 level, I stopped to see what it takes to get up to T5 gathering, refining, and crafting. It’s, well, a lot. As such, I don’t expect there will be another post about Albion in the near future. I just don’t think there’s going to be much else to talk about past this point. Certainly not in the next week or so.

upgrade cost

The logical first step would be to go ahead and begin upgrading our facilities to handle the T5 resources. This is technically possible now, but gathering T5 materials with T4 gear will be… slow. It can also only be done in PvP enabled zones, so the risk is beginning to go up.

t5 crafting

Even if I upgraded the facilities, I wouldn’t be able to craft any of the gear yet because I haven’t unlocked the T5 recipes.

T5 gathering

On top of that, even if I could make it, I wouldn’t be able to use it. I’m technically at the learning point for this skill, so I could dump the points and pick it up if I wanted to, but,well, that’s a lot of points.

The reality of the situation is that we’re going to have to hang tight at T4, makes things, tear it down for research and/or sell it on the market board. Do this repeatedly, even if the profitability is a little low, just to get those skill ranks and slow push our way there.

It’s, uh, gonna take some time. I spent most of my day yesterday gathering iron, and I’ll spend most of tonight doing Chestnut and Pine, then I’ll do some crafting and pretty much repeat.


On the bright side, with the ox and a full set of adept gathering gear, including a backpack that reduces resource weight, gathering goes a lot faster and smoother. You can stay out in the field for significantly longer, at least three or four times than you can with a donkey. This means more time gathering and less time running back and forth to town.

In other news, I gotta go get dinner. Y’all take care, and don’t afk in PvP zones.

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