Gamestop’s Guaranteed to Love It Trial

Y’know, it’s funny sometimes how often we have to be reminded that we shouldn’t believe everything we see on the internet. See, I saw a couple of days ago that someone tweeted a picture of a document stating that you could return a copy of Days Gone within a couple of days for full retail value, issued as in-store credit. I thought it was really odd that this had no real impact on their stock price so I started investigating. When I went to Gamestop’s own twitter account, investor relations page, and even the web page for Days Gone, I couldn’t find any reference to it at all. Naturally I begin to suspect something fishy was going on.

Just for the sake of being thorough, I also googled it, which turned up several articles referencing this tweet, but notably also saying that they had verified this information to be accurate. Those were from Polygon and The Verge, so I’m willing to believe it’s accurate.

Honestly I think it’s a great consumer-oriented policy that isn’t exactly going to cost them a ton of money. After all, they get to keep their $60 and re-sell the game for another $45-50. I’m curious if that $60 will show up as multiple sales on the books too. Not really sure how they figure in sales using in-store credit vs “new money.”

Still, I hope it works out properly and they continue this practice. It would be a good way to help turn public opinion around, albeit very slowly, especially given the way game launches seem to be going these days.

I’m also curious why they haven’t really publicized it themselves. Seems a bit strange to come up with a cool new consumer practice in hopes people will be more willing to buy a new game then not bother to tell anyone about it.

Meanwhile, as I’m writing this, I’m getting pinged repeatedly that Nintendo stock is up some 10% today, presumably due to the news that they are going to try to market the Switch in China through Tencent. I don’t know how well it’s going to go, as they don’t even have approval yet, but new customers are new customers and that means more sales coming in.

One thought on “Gamestop’s Guaranteed to Love It Trial

  1. Most of the money I spend at Gamestop is on used games so that I can take advantage of their 7 day return policy on those… having this 48 hour option for new games is going to make me more likely to look at new stuff, and it’s going to mean it’s more likely for used copies of new games to be in stock early, so I love this idea!

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