Pokemon GO, FAQs, and the Ghost of Blogs Past

Playing Pokemon Go feels really weird now. Of course, I played back at release when it was absolutely huge, and burned out a month or so before Gen 2 was released. The burn-out was, of course, my fault, not the game’s. At the time I was a member of the Silph Road research group, having spent a great deal of time on their subreddit before and after launch. They were doing a study on if egg pokemon was a result of egg origin or hatch location. I don’t remember the details, but it was so, much, walking.

It wasn’t just a game during that time, it became a lifestyle out of necessity. I walked as much as possible at work, including a walking track during lunch. I went to a park after work during conducive weather, and walked up and down the street outside the house in the evening until I had reached my hatching goal for the day. It began to feel like that’s all I did. This is around the time they added the driving lockout. In its initial implementation this made it impossible for me to spin most of my go-to pokestops. I had a route set up where I would pull up, park, spin the stop, then go. That initial update included a lock-out timer that would flag me as driving, which I had been before I parked, and wouldn’t let me do anything. That shut down my entire route because I wasn’t adding an extra 10 minutes per stop to my morning commute just to play.

I’m off topic though. A friend recently said he needed more in-game friends, and I’ve been actively trying to modify my diet and overall routine. Not much, just a little at a time. This seemed like a good enough time to get back into it, as a lot has changed since then, mostly for the better, I think. At the least, if it motivates me to move around a little bit more it will have been useful.

In no way related to that, I’m thinking about writing a bit of an FAQ and link list for the Blaugust discord channel. While I consider myself one of the least qualified people in the “core” Blaugust group, I have mobile notifications turned on for that channel so sometimes find myself being the first one to respond. With Blaugust itself only a few months away, if indeed we’re doing it again, I expect we’ll find the frequency ramp up again and having some basic answers on-hand will be helpful.

To that end I’ve been collecting some links, some as far back as the Newbie Blogger Initiative which far pre-dates my presence, and validating, reading, and hopefully distilling some of that information. I was as new as they were, and not that long ago either. I understand the questions and why they’re being asked, most of them are just beyond the scope of my personal experience.

If nothing else, I will have at least benefited from the research myself.

Speaking of other bloggers, I’ve been watching this sort of ebb and flow of names that are mostly lost on me. Blogging is in many ways like a dense forest. Many people have strung a hammock among the different community and subject trees making up that forest, and when an important enough person decides to leave their place it creates a sort of ripple. A vacuum that will slowly fade with time as everyone fondly remembers the person who lived in a particular hammock. Abandoned blogs are some of the eeriest places I’ve been on the internet. It almost feels like I’m breaking and entering then looting the place. Doesn’t help that in many cases I’m viewing and archived version of an article because the live version no longer exists.

It’s time to go move around though, so I’ll cut it here and use my legs instead of my fingers. This post is getting weird.

Y’all take care, and be wary of the burnout and tread carefully upon the shoulders of those who came before.

2 thoughts on “Pokemon GO, FAQs, and the Ghost of Blogs Past

  1. Last year was, I think, the only time the NBI and Blaugust have been combined. Don’t know if that’s going to be a regular thing. If there is an NBI this year I really might have to do something about my Blog Roll, though. It’s out of hand right now so imagine adding another 50+ new blogs…

    Also, several of the most consistent blogs from last year’s intake don’t actually write about MMOs or even gaming and although they’re on my roll I don’t read them. I don’t want to remove some of the most active bloggers, especially since for all I know some of my own readers may well be using my blog roll to read them, but if we are having a non-genre-based event again this year (which I hope we are) it isn’t going to be tenable to keep everything up long-term. I’ll end up with most of the top end of the roll not having much to do with the hobby.

    Oh well, sort it out in the summer, I guess.

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    1. I know in my case I get roughly three referrals a day from your roll. Though it took me a while to figure out how and why I kept getting them.

      I cut down significantly on what I’ve been reading since Blaugust. There’s just one of me and some days I struggle to push out a paragraph, much less 500 words.

      I figured we’d cross that bridge when we got to it. I’m small fish compared to most everyone else. I had actually assumed based on the conversation that the NBI was slightly defunct. It’s all a bit fuzzy though, August was such a crazy whirlwind for the uninitiated.


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