Albion Online – A Crafting and Housing Follow-Up

So I spoke about playing Albion online yesterday, and I’m going to follow up that post with what we actually went through after that was posted.

We have been working primarily on gathering and crafting. My brother is doing mostly quarterstaff crafting, and I’ve been spread out mostly across the toolmaking tree. Specifically focusing the tools we were gathering with first, then later adding bags.

When we started we had made some assumptions, like staves would be made from wood and leather, which turned out slightly incorrect. He was primarily gathering leather, with some occasional wood and cloth resources. Since I was doing mostly tools and those are pretty much exclusively wood and metal, that’s what I worked on.

The good news is that two gathering trees each is a pretty even split of labor, though leather is quite a bit slower due to the need to kill something before you can harvest it. We very quickly progressed to and through the Journeyman (Tier III) skills.

We ran into issues with the Adept (Tier IV) stuff pretty quick. We managed to branch out and find sources for the materials, but realized upon bringing them back that the refining and crafting facilities have their own tier, and the one in the starting town are Tier III, which means we can’t process, craft, or repair Tier IV things there.

So we went on an adventure to the nearest large city, which did indeed have the facilities we needed, but it’s a random mix of availability and can cost quite a bit to process Tier IV materials. We figured maybe the private island would  help, but we needed money, so we farmed mostly tier III materials and made what we could. I had started looking into other options because the T3 tools just don’t command much of a price. This led me to bags, which appeared to be one of the better priced things in tool crafting, and I have in fact made a good bit of money off of them.

Between staves and bags, we got the island, about 10k, built a house, but couldn’t build refining stations yet. We kept at it and got enough to expand the island, 30k, and managed to build a farm plot, and two refining stations. With quite a lot of work and some money spent to refine T4 materials, we managed to get those two stations up to T4.

However, they require food, apparently, and we don’t yet have the ability to make that, so we’re going to have to save up another 100k for the next expansion and hope that’s enough space to at least get things moving.

At this point I’m considering if it would be worthwhile to have a second private island. Speaking of which, you can’t buy a private island at the free to play level. You have to currently possess premium status to buy one, and the three-day pass you get for finishing the tutorial doesn’t count.

In all this we also learned that the market in the starting city is prone to price bombing, and the overall per piece price can be much lower there than the big city. So much lower that I suspect a lot of people were buying my bags for around 300 and reselling them in the city for 1k, so we’ll probably be moving most of our goods there and see if they sell better. Starting city might make for better throughput though, we’ll see.

I also had to add stone gathering and hammers to my list of things to do in order to get all that done. The stone is used heavily in the building upgrade process, at 150 appropriately tier processed stone for outbuildings and 180 for the “house.”

That’s the thing with processing. Each tier requires one of the previous tier plus 2-3 of the current tier material. Taking stone as an example we have Limestone (T2), Sandstone (T3), and Travertine (T4).

Limestone converts to limestone blocks at a 1:1 exchange rate. Sandstone blocks require 1 limestone block plus 2 raw sandstone. Travertine blocks require 1 sandstone block plus two raw travertine.

So to get the 150 blocks needed for a single building you need 300 raw travertine, 300 raw sandstone, and 150 limestone. Those last two make 150 sandstone blocks required to process the travertine, which as of last night cost around 3500 silver total in addition to all that. The next tier would likely require all that, plus 450 T5 stone and another bucket of money.

To borrow a phrase out of context, “grind it till you find it.”

Y’all take care, maybe don’t drink the kool-aid. I don’t think it’s safe.

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