Rainbow Sprinkles with No Ice Cream – A Slow News Post

This is one of those days where I feel like I don’t have anything to talk about. Not in detail anyway. I’m doing the same ol’ business in FFXIV and EVE, which isn’t very exciting to read about over and over again. This post is actually pretty late because I went and did other stuff hoping something more interesting would come up. Alas, this was not the case.

I’m goofing off with Python a little bit, though. I wanted to see what goes into building a simple web scraper. Figured it couldn’t be all that hard, and it’s not, really. It’s just like my various little VB for Excel projects. I have to say, I really like the interactive interpreter portion of Python.

I’ve also started poking around in the now free to play Albion Online. I played less than an hour, enough to create a character and poke around. There’s a really good chance I’ll be writing a post specifically about that for Sunday.

I did however manage to get a USB hub that seems to be working decently, so I can finally reconnect my flight stick and maybe poke around in Elite at some point. They made a little bit of noise this week when they talked about improving the new player experience.

Things like creating an advanced docking computer that can take off as well as land, because so many people use the old one, and giving them to new players by default. That way they don’t have to deal with pesky things like crashing into the wall on the way out. Of course, if it works as well as the old one, it’ll still happen anyway.

A choice I really don’t understand is creating a pocket of space exclusive to new players. One that cannot be entered by skilled pilots. I haven’t logged in for a while, but unless they’ve acquired a problem with starting system griefing I don’t really understand. All it does is keep the new players separate from the active player base.

The biggest concern to me is that this means they feel like they need to improve it because they have very few new pilots and/or extremely poor retention. Of course, it doesn’t exactly help when people like myself play in PvE only private groups. None of their new players would ever see me. Maybe they should look at giving people a reason to actually play in open.

Other than that it’s just a bunch of small stories. Someone discovered a new unimplemented rainbow rarity in the code for Borderlands 2, FFXIV expansion page got updated, and a Forbes article about Dragon Age 4.

That last one is kinda sad, but expected. A profitable formula has been discovered and will continue to be used until they know what the market will tolerate. Big AAA titles are expensive and might sell a lot of copies, but only every once in a while. A multiplayer game in the games-as-a-service model might not sell as many copies, but provides income over its lifetime, probably with better player retention, instead of a giant burst in the first year trailing off to practically nothing.

To quote the Shadowbringers trailer “We can either accept this fate, or defy it, but we cannot deny it.”

Y’all take care.

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