Not About Borderlands 3 – It’s 2 Instead

I have made some grave errors in judgement, it would seem.

Since I seem to be tied to the overall franchise hype train like a skag to a bandit wagon, I figured I could go over some thing I have learned in the last 24 hours. Things that make me feel like I never really understood the second game at all.

For starters, the last 5-10% of the game is completely foreign to me. Specifically everything after The Bunker. I did stay up fairly late last night, and managed to finish the game’s “Normal” difficulty. What this tells me, though, is that my belief that I had finished the game at least once before seems to have been in error.

Now as someone who spent at least 126 hours on BL1 PC, according to Steam anyway, I was familiar with it’s “multiple” playthroughs. It’s technically only a Normal followed by a New Game+ kind of mode where the enemies are scaled up, but there’s an additional semi-level after you finish the story the second time where everything scales to your level instead of having a fixed one.

Now, my impression of BL2 is heavily influenced by the fact that I’ve never done any of the DLC content. It has three full playthroughs, called Normal Vault Hunter Mode (VHM), True VHM, and Ultimate VHM. The DLC apparently added additional scaling beyond this, Overpower levels 1 through 8. I obviously can’t speak to these all that well, but it looks like it mostly scales enemies up while you remain level 72. It’s all very reminiscent of the Diablo series. The actual content itself isn’t really changing, just the number balance and by extension the challenge.

This comes with additional levels of gear that also have their own OP level requirement. It looks like it can be cheesed a little. You can start a quest on a high OP level, do it on a lower one, then turn it in again on the higher one and get the higher level reward a little cheesy, but whatever. You still have to reach the higher level first anyway.

The Pre Sequel kept the main three but omitted the Overpower mode. Funilly enough, the underlying engine is the same and OP1-8 gear from BL2 can be save-edited into TPS. Things brings up an interesting point in that TPS is missing the endest of end-games that existed in it’s predecessor.

Not that I’ll every see OP, I don’t think. The amount of time I’ve already spent on BL2 just to clear NVHM feels excessive and like it’s inhibiting my ability to get other things done, including having something else to actually talk about. Still, I’m enjoying the experience, so it’s not all that bad.

Speaking of getting other things done, if I’m doing a Something New post tomorrow, I gotta slide off here and get to it. Y’all take care, and maybe don’t car like Crazy Earl. He ate one of Scooters cars once. Just, like, with a fork.

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