Nothing new this week. The thing I had lined up didn’t work out the way I planned so I tried to get some stuff done on my XIV lore bit. Unfortunately, I drastically underestimated how much time it takes to get an alt going. Good reminder of the many ways in which FFXIV is set up to discourage alts.

This is also why I’m looking forward to the “New Game +” feature in Shadowbringers, though I don’t know if they’re allowing us to replay all story content, or just select pieces. If it’s all story content that would be nice, as the fine details have certainly faded over time, and take one slightly different connotations the second time around. Not a lot unlike reading a book a second time after having finished it and set it down for a while.

Something else that bothers me is the mentor system. I’m sure there are plenty of good mentors out there, but the crown icon is almost cancerous at times. Not only are those players super vocal, but they tend to be very aggressive and condescending. I don’t even disagree with what’s being said most of the time, but with how it’s being said.

The instance I’m referring to specifically was a tank being over snippy with a sprout DPS in Sastasha of all places. Yeah, he obviously wasn’t going to be doing savage content tomorrow, but come on. I think maybe riding the sprouts in the lowest level dungeon and telling them you’re “not going to carry them” is a bit overkill.

Either way, I’ll get off my soap box and get to bed. Y’all take care.

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