Random Bits of News This Week

Looks like it’s going to be an interesting news week. We’ve got a FFXIV patch tonight, Nintendo announcing two new Switch models, Gamestop earnings report Wednesday, and Sony already announced the pulling of digital game codes from all retail stores.

Those last two combined are probably going to be… interesting. While I’ve seen several comments from people who allegedly did/do work for Gamestop saying that digital code sales are nearly non-existent, that won’t exactly matter to the shareholders. They did finally manage to get a CEO though. It’ll be interesting to see what he has to say when he takes over in mid-April.

I personally am looking forward to the next bit of story in XIV. This is probably the final setup for the expansion though, so I’m not sure how much more we should expect content-wise. We know where we’re going, we know what we’re getting, and people are… not exactly thrilled about the lack of a new healer. While I didn’t see every single bit of coverage, it seems that Yoshi P has deliberately avoided answering the healer question.

This leaves something of a class vacuum though. While I really like the ranged dps role the Dancer fills, having both other classes in that role at 70, I don’t want to be doing the same thing everyone else is doing. There’s also the problem of having a leveling class that’s not the same as my raid-tier class. We obviously cannot co-heal 4-man content. My plan at the moment is to continue leveling whatever I feel like leveling until a clear path forward presents itself.

The Switch announcement in and of itself is of little value to me. I already own one, and I don’t intent to purchase another one. If I did, it would probably be the lower powered model for personal use out and about. Really not likely though, as I’m not even using the current one, my youngest child is.

The reality is that while I love Nintendo and their first party franchises, I have neither the time not the money to fully engage with them. I would love to buy Mario Party to play with the kids, but I would need to replace my dock, which no longer works, and a second set of joycons. Combined with that game that’s around $200 and would require everyone to stop whatever they were doing. A feat not easily executed on the best of days.

Think I’m done for today though. I’m gonna head over to the XIV subreddit and play with all the healer salt. Y’all take care, and remember, salt in all its forms aren’t good for your blood pressure.

4 thoughts on “Random Bits of News This Week

  1. From what I’ve saw on Twitter the thing with no new healer is apparently because Yoshi-P finds it hard to balance the healing Jobs. So until he would like to work more on the balance of the current healers first before adding a new one.

    I don’t have a source for this one though so like all things like this on the internet that should have been taken with a huge grain of salt.

    What is surprising me more than the salt about no new healer class is about Viera and Hrothgar being gender locked. The salt about that seems insane for me. I mean, I am disappointed too since this feels like a step back but the way some people have been reacted feels like they just had their civil rights threatened.

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    1. I’m just now starting to see the headlines and complaints about the gender lock issue. It’s to be expected, I think. The really should have done just Hrothgar and left the Viera alone. There are good lore reasons to gender lock it, but only at this exact time. They could easily rework the storyline to accommodate both males and females in the future. What surprises me more is that they expected any other outcome, especially after the whole bunny outfit thing. Their logic is truly astounding.

      I suspected as much, with the healers. I don’t think they’re inherently unbalanced, but the only one I’m intimately familiar with is Scholar. My Whm isn’t even 40 yet and I’ve never played Ast. They all have strengths and weaknesses that compliment each other though. The worst possible combination is having two of the same class, so maybe taking the “two stance” concept of Ast and finding a way to apply it to each of the healers.

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      1. I don’t feel healers are inherently inbalanced either but my experience is purely with AST. I also don’t raid so I have no idea what goes on in that scene.

        I don’t think the “two stance” concept from AST would work well for every healing job. The thing that distinguishes White Mage from Scholar is exactly the way they heal. White Mages have more direct healing while Scholar can put shields on allies so they don’t get hurt. Astrologians can get away with “stances” because they bring something the others don’t which are some temporary buffs to help the party out.

        If all of them can just do whatever kind of heal they want just by switching stances then what distinguishes them from each other, mechanically speaking? I suppose they could give some very different buffs for each but then you go back to having to be careful on how you balance those.

        At times like these I really don’t envy MMO developers. Trying to balance all the different Jobs so each feel unique, desirable and all have a fair chance at clearing content isn’t an easy task. It feels like building a castle of cards.

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      2. I was thinking something more a long the lines of a main healer/off healer type of setup. Scholar does shielding, but they don’t stack, so having two of them is slightly redundant. It also doesn’t stack with the Ast shield, which limits which sect the Ast should be in most of the time, but at least you have the option to change the toolkit a little.

        That said, looking at all the people who argue over use of tank stance vs not, that might only serve to create more arguments and give people enough rope to hang themselves.

        Of course, all of that is assuming you’re running at least 8 man content too, and is completely pointless in 4-man. In light party content I’d say they’ve done a good job at balance and unique-ness. We don’t have any classes that immediately make me groan when I see them.

        And yeah, the infamous balance is probably the hardest thing to maintain I think. Strategies and novel combinations of class or abilities can easily swing the whole system one way or another, and then people feel like the “have to” play one way or another. Unless you’re doing Savage raids, the game is pretty flexible.

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