Something New – Oxenfree


Continuing with my usage of the free games from Epic Games, I played Oxenfree. It’s currently free, at the time of writing, until 4/4/19.

Oxenfree is a very narrative driven experience that at first reminded me of Thimbleweed Park, but in hindsight plays much more like a game from Telltale. Without the quick time event stuff.


Visually, it’s quite nice and fairly straightforward. Unfortunately there are very few screenshots and things I can talk about without getting into spoiler territory. One of the things that makes this game unique is that it’s very audio dependent. I didn’t turn on subtitles, so I had to make sure I focused on what I was hearing and what was being said. It’s a very… detail oriented experience.


There are no enemies or weapons, per se. You spend most of your time talking, exploring, and playing with the radio. Occasionally also the map. The whole thing has a very eerie atmosphere that’s something like a cross between Lovecraft and Gravity Falls.


It was a good experience, though. I took the time to finish the game, which is why this post is somewhat later than normal. It felt like it could have many different courses and endings, and that I saw only one possibility, but I’m not currently in the mood to find out. I’m content with what I got.


Still, the lure is there, asking why the continue button has changed. May be I’m not as finished as I think I am. I hit it for a few to see what it was, and it’s, uh, the same mostly, but kinda different. Y’all take care, maybe remember to treat other people like people yeah?

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