FFXIV – Tokyo Fan Fest Keynote


For the sake of time, I’m going to try and skip things we already knew and focus on new information in the keynote. The tl;dr versions is dancer confirmed, Viera female only, Hrothgar male only, and some images and lore for the new area. It’s… not the same world as the one we play in normally. If you are worried about XIV spoilers, I’d caution against reading much further, especially if you haven’t reached the warriors of darkness arc.

the first.png

Cosmology time. Hydaelen and Zodiark existed as relfections of each and other, light and dark. Zodiark presumably wants everything to return to the void, it’s “natural state” and doesn’t get along well with Hydaelen. This conflict resulted in the world being broken out into multiple shards. Alternate universes of a sort.

The “warriors of darkness” are from one of these shards. In their universe they defeated evil, all of it. Without anything to oppose the light their world is being consumed and destroyed by it. This is the area we will be visiting. It’s also worth mentioning that the “voidsent” we fight occasionally are from a world where the darkness has won and run rampant.

They did a quick walkthrough of a city. It’s built around what appears to be the crystal tower. It has an aesthetic similar to that cinematic shot, with high vaulted domes of blue glass. They also revealed Eulmore, a place where “fat cats,” literally fat miqote, and those who are well off and given up hope, can live out the remainder of their days in comfort and excess.


The first combat area will be Lakeland. It has a very, uh, distinct visual quality. In the videos it didn’t look quite as absurd as this concept art, but it still sticks to a limited color palette.

secret cow level.png

Speaking of color palettes. Is it a dungeon? Is it a trial? Who knows, though my guess is dungeon, and they monsters aren’t the only thing trying to kill you, Squenix is trying to blind you with its radiance as well.


dancer 2.png

Dancer was officially revealed as well. It looks similar to our other ranged DPS classes, which also provide a lot of utility. I have to admit, I like those chakram. We did not get, and probably won’t get, a new healer in this expansion. They could be holding that for later, but I did not get that impression.

dwarf 2

They revealed more information about the dwarves, including what they look like without their helmets and beards. In this world, the lalafel never joined with the “major races” and are a beast tribe instead. They made a big deal out of the fact that their buildings are small and only enterable by other small races like the lalafel. He suggested that if you really wanted to see the inside of their buildings you can either look through the windows or buy the most magical potion of all, Fantasia.


They also provided this list of names as they differ from our world, “the source,” to the light world, “the first.”


They also revealed a second playable race.

race bullets

They clarified the gender situation, which in the case of the Viera makes sense lore-wise. They also made a rather large deal about the immense amount of customization available in these races. The did show quite a number of different variants, for the hrothgar specifically.


The also revealed the names of these races in “the first.” Ronso is going to be a big deal. I have at least one friend that absolutely will race change in order to be such.

early access

We also received a date for early access for those who have and do pre-order.

Here’s a link to the archived stream. It’s quite long, the that link skips the first hour of mostly splash screen. It’s about a minute before the updated trailer. Among the things I left out was a concept drawing of a hammer wielding boss, Gaia. A small amount of discussion was had about the lack of hammers in XIV, but he seemed to be forgetting that we’ve seen Nero with a hammer in the past as well.

There was some discussion after I stopped watching I’m pulling this from the reddit live coverage. I’m doing some reformating and re-ordering so it makes a little more sense, but otherwise, the credit belongs to the reddit user elevenmile and the ffxiv subreddit team.

  • Saito-san wants Sword Oath and Shield Oath to not have cooldown (GCD) at all
  • While Yoshida cannot say much. But PLD is said to undergo huge change including stances
  • Apparently Yoshida is aware. No players are using Shield Oath these days
  • This also applies to other tank jobs
  • Yuuki-san plays WHM, and Yoshida hesistated but hinted that WHM will be made much easy to play.
  • Jokes about WHM throwing rocks when not healing went rampant
  • Saito is asking all audience on the roles they play, and BLM is brought up on how it’s very common to see BLM ran out of AoE whenever it appear, making it very hard to play it well.
  • Yoshida apologizes
  • Yuuki-san also plans to play BLM as her sub job
  • Saito-san is asking Yoshida his recommendation on what healers to play. Saito-san plans to play the harder one. Yoshida listed out all healers pros. And cons. to let him choose what he wants to play
  • Saito-san thought that Dancer is close ranged dps, but Yoshida replied that there are currently enough melee for now.

Right, it’s time to get groceries and throw this out there. For the emotionally invested, if you haven’t watched the keynote, I suggest you do so. Y’all take care, try not to destroy a world by eliminating all evil.

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