Sort-Of Weekly FFXIV and EVE Post

My brother was mildly indisposed yesterday afternoon. As a result, I spent a fair amount of time with my oldest child, who wants to play XIV with us, helping him move forward a little bit. The good thing about XIV is that he doesn’t have to create a new character every time he wants to try a different job. We also managed, previously, to get him far enough along to at least move from city to city, so he’s able to pick up new jobs, at least.

At the moment, he wants to be Archer. We did hunting logs and leves to get him up to 10, and he did the class quests with a little guidance. We get him up to 15/16 we can start putting him in the leveling queue and dungeon train and see how he actually manages. Archer is pretty tame up till around level 30, then things can start getting a little busy. At least I’ll be in the same room to say I need refresh. Refresh please. Now. I’m leveling my conjurer/white mage with him. This helps both of us. He doesn’t die and I level another healer.

They have a patch with more story content dropping in about a little under a week and the Japanese Fan Fest this Friday/Saturday. Hopes are pretty high that we’ll get a job reveal in the keynote. That’s around 9:30 PM Friday night, so I may or may not be discussing it come Saturday. Depends on what, if anything, we get.

Meanwhile, I made some poor choices in EVE last night, after my brother got home. I needed some materials for a quest chain and the easiest way to get them was to slide over to low sec and mine some Jaspet. That wouldn’t normally be an issue, but I was also running our dailies in XIV at the same time. So, let’s count, I was in lowsec (1), not using a tank fit (2), semi-afk (3), with only five tier 1 drones for defense (4). I’m, ah, not surprised. I have only myself to blame, and honestly, everything was insured, so actual losses are minimal. Here’s the killmail if anyone is interested.

My plan at the moment is to stay in the mid-sec range and try to optimize what I’m already doing. I need some more time to think through and execute the details of what’s left for mining yield optimization. I actually don’t think there’s a whole lot more I can do for my high-yield ship. Monday evening we experimented with it and stripped two entire fields of every plagioclase asteroid they had. I’ve got some ideas and might take some notes to see how they work out and write a more detailed post about just that.

So y’all stay safe. Never fly without rebuy and maybe don’t afk in a dangerous location.

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