Pewdiepie Vs T-Series – An Ending

Well, I know it was reported that T-Series took the lead for a few minutes back in late February. I saw in some headlines yesterday that T-Series had gained the lead Monday and at the time of writing, is ahead again by about 1,000 subs. At the time of posting, it’s actually a much larger gap, 20,000 or so.

This really shouldn’t surprise anyone. This was not only the inevitable outcome, but one I believe YouTube and Pewdiepie have been milking pretty  heavily. It is to the direct benefit of all parties to have a major “rivalry” like this going on, but most of all, YouTube reaps the benefits of both sides. They’re the arms dealer in this battle. Though I’d say the battle is more or less over at this point.

The moment we found out that the perpetrator of the New Zealand tragedy had allegedly mentioned Pewdiepie and asked people to sub as part of the crime proper, I figured it would be a major blow. I for one went back and made sure I wasn’t subscribed. Pewdiepie did denounce the killer and his actions, but the fact remains that his channel is a rallying flag. Both in past missteps and current fan base, I feel.

This has also led me to wonder just how many of his subscribers are actually unique “real” accounts and how many of them are but shells created to drive his count up. Do I think he himself would do that? I don’t know, I can’t say that I actually know the man well enough to judge his character. I absolutely believe his fans would though, regardless of whether or not he asked them to.

Yet, for all the drama, YouTube marches on, drawing that sweet ad revenue from all the parties involved and making bank. When companies aren’t pulling all their ads, anyway. T-Series taking the mantle from the alleged king of YouTube won’t be the end, but YouTube doesn’t need any help bringing about the end anyway. They seem to be doing a perfectly good job without any help.

I saw YouTube insist, during the latest “adpocalypse,” that they were working on ways to improve their algorithms, but that fact that they keep having these sorts of problems suggests that their solution is not an effective one. On top of completely missing things that should be removed, it’s extremely hyperactive in other areas. Mrhappy, a FFXIV streamer, YouTuber, and podcaster mentioned on his podcast recently that his video talking about the new race, Viera, was demonetized because the algorithm thought it was viagra instead. Easy enough mistake to make, I think, but the evidence seems clear that their tech isn’t working for creators, or for YouTube.

While I commend their efforts to solve this problem with technology, from my perspective it would seem that it isn’t currently where it needs to be. It would make more sense to flag some of these items for a human review instead of applying action and letting the appeals system sort it out. That’s a lot of volume, though, and people cost money. If I think I know how to fix it maybe I should start my own VoD service. Few things in life are as easy as they sound.

I think I’ll quit rambling for today. Y’all take care.

2 thoughts on “Pewdiepie Vs T-Series – An Ending

  1. More disturbing to me is their continued removal and/or demonitization of conservative vloggers content. They and Google (and Facebook) more and more choke out either political or social opinions they don’t “approve of” whether they break their rules of conduct or not. This is the sort of power that has lead to rules against monopolies in the past – hope we get government intervention at some point soon. Although world-wide the trend is definitely not the case.


    1. I don’t think I follow very many conservative content creators, so I can’t say I would have noticed. Unfortunately, while both political extremes are absurd and not to be trusted, the American conservatives tend to hold and espouse values that are increasingly frowned upon in public forums.
      Ultimately, we are faced with the monumental task of figuring out how to teach “the public” how to recognize false and misleading information, on the internet and otherwise. I personally don’t see a good way forward at the moment, and the status quo was used by, and directly benefits, the people operating the government on our behalf.


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