FFXIV – Four Lords Story and more EVE Tinkering

After we got current on the FFXIV MSQ the other day, we realized we still hadn’t unlocked the expert roulette yet. Without bothering to look I was like, “well, maybe it’s in the four lords storyline.” So, we went and did it. Having just finished it, I regard it as being a better story, overall, compared to the expansion proper. At the very least, it’s more personal and moving than the MSQ. The only comparison I can really draw from the Stormblood story is Tsuyu’s overall sub-plot.

that one time

Of course, I’m no stranger to those moments, especially in XIV. There are a few, throughout the game, that are so strong and/or emotional that I wanted to do more story content in hopes of seeing someone dead, preferably by my own hand. One of them is practically infamous. It’s what Final Fantasy does, narrative.

We still didn’t unlock the missing dungeon, though. We’ll have to look it up this evening and go through the hoops to unlock it and run through it. Also have to rewatch the O11N video and try to get a clear. Much like O7, it seems technical enough that pugs have a hard time coordinating long enough to clear. At least, that was our experience when we tried it a week ago. I’ve sure beat O10N to death though.

At the same time, over in EVE, I’ve been trying to see what kind of mining profit I can hit just by optimizing and paying attention to what I’m already doing. So, same ship, same location, same gear, mostly the same skills. Including the travel time to Jita and back to sell the minerals it looks like I’m around 5M/hour, give or take. Might be able to push it to 6M with a little more effort, I was just curious what the moderate effort level looked like. I’ve begun taking this money and putting it towards some implants to speed up the training process.

Training time, combined with the inconveniences of being in a large corp that was getting war decced all the time, are the reason why I stopped. I thought I needed Mining Barge 5 in order to train Exhumers, but that appears to be incorrect. It was likely cost that prevented me from doing so. Mining Barge 5, though, takes forever to train. It’s about 20% complete and still has 19 1/2 days left. It’s also not what I’m actively training, at the moment. The way it’s currently set, it’ll start up again in a couple of days.

The cost of the skills books, ships, and everything was also greatly  hampered because EVE University, the corp I belonged to at the time, was in a pretty constant state of war. This made mining treacherous, and the general rule of thumb was to just not. Mining is where all my skill points were/are, so this left me with very little to do that I wanted to be doing. Can’t undock, can’t make money, why bother. That’s also why the first thing I did when I came back was find a new home and relocate.

The generally accepted practice back then was to have a second character kept out of the corp for such an occasion, but you couldn’t train skills on two different characters at the same time, so the flow of mining skills would have to shut off to train the backup. Alternatively, you could set up a second account, which is practically normal for EVE anyway, if not more, but the alpha clone didn’t exist, so you had to pay for the second account. For the record, if you multibox, you still do. Alpha clones cannot multibox it would seem. Probably a good thing, to be honest.

I’ve got other stuff I need to be working on, though, so I’ll catch y’all on the flipside. Stay safe, don’t fly without rebuy and all that good business.

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