Something New – Thimbleweed Park


This is the first one of the Epic Games Store’s free games that I’m taking a look at. It’s a point and click adventure game, something I have a mixed history with. I’ve tried some here and there, generally the ones included in humble bundles and the like. This is the first one I’ve tried that I actually played for more than 30 minutes and want to go back and play. In fact, I started it to take some more screenshots and ended up playing it instead.

1 city sign

The game itself takes place in a tiny town full of absolutely insane people. It’s a failed industrial town filled with “high-tech” machines from the local factory owner and pillow magnate. The entire town seems to revolve around him, kinda? It’s relatable, as someone from a small city with a primarily industrial economy.


The controls are pretty straightfoward. Left click, by default, makes your character walk over to something and right click is generally “Look at” though you can check by seeing which option is highlighted. The game itself is something of a mystery. I have no idea what’s going on.

pigeon bros

There are plenty of odd and interesting characters to run into, such as the Pigeon Brothers, who are in fact sisters. According to their business card they do plumbing, electrical, and paranormal investigation. That last one makes sense because they’re always going on about “the signals.” Pretty sure they’re also a Mario Bros reference. There are plenty of other odd-balls to be seen.

phone book

If I figure out which heathen decided the phone book should be alphabetical by first name instead of last, though, I’ll strangle ’em myself. There’s absolutely no call for that kind of insanity. Also, there’s way more than 80 names in this phone book.


The game’s humor is very nerdy, self-referential, and regularly fourth wall breaking. I love that stuff, but it’s not for everyone. I mean, I’ll never figure out which company Mmucasflem or the soda brand Poopsi are supposed to be.

You know what I need to be doing, though? That’s right, going to the grocery store to buy food. Not dropping dimes in the sewer so a federal agent can call for a way out. Speaking of which, everyone in this game seems to immediately recognize what federal agents look like. That seems suspicious in and of itself.

Over the next couple of week I’m probably going to go ahead and tackle some other free games from EGS. I’ve already played Subnautica and Slime Rancher, so I won’t be covering those, but Axiom Verge and What Remains of Edith Finch are the ones I’m looking at.

Y’all take care, seriously, I gotta go get groceries.

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