Poking around in Eve

I had mentioned Eve in yesterday’s post because it seemed fitting in a couple of ways. I have been fairly vocal, though maybe not here, about calling Eve a “spreadsheet in space.” It’s a very technical and detail oriented sort of game that’s in line with how ships would probably be piloted in the far future. Playing the game now is going to require me to eat a certain amount of crow, served by my coworker, probably.

I have the same problem with Eve that I’ve had with many sandbox titles in the past, a lack of direction. When I was playing around five years ago I poked around and ultimately did a little mining and stuff. I eventually came across Eve University. Now, being the paranoid solo-ish player that I was, I figured they were a safe bet.

I spent quite a lot of time working on my mining. In fact, I was one skill level away from qualifying for Exhumers, though that single skill level takes 17 days and some change to train. For what it’s worth, almost all of the Ore industrial ships are subscription only.

My problem always comes back, at least partially, to the fact that I don’t feel like I’m doing anything with industrial activities. I’m just sitting there semi-monitoring the activity in case anything untoward should happen. I don’t feel in any way connected to the ship or what it’s doing beyond telling it to “go do that.” Black Desert has, to a point, helped me set that aside a little.

That’s the other part that connects to yesterday, expectations. Knowing how I feel about Eve, and having a better understanding of what to expect coming back, I can at least partially avoid some of the hurdles that stopped me last time.

Naturally I got kicked from the Uni shortly after I left. They don’t allow inactive players. I don’t intent to rejoin, at the moment. In fact, outside of doing the new tutorial, all I’ve done is start collecting most of my junk in one place. I’ve been entertaining the idea of selecting something that looks like a reasonable home station and just poking around for a while. Might spend a little more time training combat skills and working with that, we’ll see. I’m not in a hurry and it allegedly isn’t going anywhere.

In the meantime, I hit 70 on my machinist in XIV, and now I have to gear him for current content. That’s where my of my gaming time has been going lately. Looking forward to the expansion, probably too much. That’s a topic for another day though.

Y’all stay safe out there, don’t trust strangers who want to help you move all your stuff with their space truck.

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2 thoughts on “Poking around in Eve

  1. EVE Online helped me refine my Excel skills back in the day, no joke.

    I created spreadsheets for managing fuel ratios to carry for the guild PoS, I had spreadsheets to map out likely cost and profit of manufacturing things, the gain of further researching BPOs, cost of using BPCs with higher research levels, etc etc.

    I’ve not played for a very long time though. This is the sort of game I would absolutely *require* a corp/guild to have any fun in at all, I could never potter around solo and enjoy it for very long.

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    1. I’ve still got a lot of my spreadsheets stuck on google drive, and man did I have a ton of them. Most of them were mining efficiency sheets to figure out what the most profitable thing I could be getting was. Probably outdated a bit now.

      I was entertaining the idea of creating a corp, but that’s a lot more effort than I’m ready to put into it.

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