Placement Tests and XIV Antics

What a crazy day. I had my placement test for the college application schedule for early afternoon, so I had to rush around a bit to get everything done in time to get there. Then I get there right as everyone is coming back from lunch and get stuck in stop and go traffic. Normally not an issue, but I had never touched a manual before Saturday afternoon. I got through it, but it was, uh, tense.

Then visitor parking, an underwhelming dozen parking spots, was full. I just drove back down to the gravel lot near their gym, which seemed to have pretty low traffic, and parked there. It was a bit of a walk, but there was something of a “desire path” present that I quite enjoyed. Mildly naturey.

The test itself was a non-issue. I had to take all three sections, with each one taking around a half hour. Only the actual essay section was timed, and it was an hour to write a 300-600 word essay on a provided topic. I told my wife, the good news is, I already do something similar almost every day.

Now, I expected I’d have to wait for the results, because I forgot technology is a thing, and my essay was processed by an algorithm and provided a score and some feedback. Apparently it felt I didn’t use enough examples and wasn’t super coherent. Probably because I argued for both sides of the provided topic depending on circumstances.

In other more interesting news, with FFXIV I’m half a level from 70 with Machinist, and I’ve started the leveling and gearing process for gathering and crafting classes. For the gatherers it’s just some minor gear improvement, they’ve been max level for quite some time. I managed to push a couple levels through on Leatherworker and get a class quest done. That’s up to 59 now. Tomorrow I’ll round up the supplies to hit some more leves and hopefully push at least 60. That particular class quest will probably take a bit of effort.

Speaking of all that, I mentioned various considerations regarding our very small guild and getting into certain grades of content. Well, that situation resolved itself. Apparently the server decided our leader hadn’t logged on for too long and transferred leadership to me. Not that I need it just yet, but I have the reins, at least temporarily.

We’re really waiting until the Tokyo Fan Fest on the 23rd in hopes that we’ll get a class reveal so we can start drilling down what we’ll main for the next expansion. There’s still a lot of room for things to change, most of the actual details won’t be coming to us until May. We may not get a reveal at all, we’ll see.

My brother has already started poking around on his white mage again. We had a Castrum Abania run that very nearly went sideways during the last boss. The ninja we were running with hit 70 and dropped out mid-dungeon. Both the replacement Red Mage and the Tank ate it at different points in the last fight. We all just did our best to hold it all together. That fight can get out of hand pretty quick.

We got there, though I called it a night after that. Just like I’m headed to bed after this. Y’all stay safe, try not to roll backwards down too many hills.

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