Black Desert – More Horse Breeding


So I recently managed to breed this glorious creature. It’s a tier 7 horse that I’d love to use as my primary, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to learn sprint. We’re at level 21/30, so it’s still possible, but I’m growing concerned. Even if it doesn’t manage to learn sprint, I’ll still be able to use it as a good breeder.


It was quite accidental. See, I was trying to breed my tier five female with my tier six male, but wasn’t watching which horse was selected, so I ended up using the tier four instead. I mean, on the whole it worked out, but I really have to pay more attention. Since the females only get to breed once, without a cash shop breeding reset, anyway, I already sold her via imperial delivery to free up stable space.


The tier six male, shown here without the barding, is my go-to horse for getting somewhere quickly, so he won’t get traded in, at least not yet. He also has no breeding chances left.

five plus five.png

I’ve got two max level tier fives going right now, and I’ll be able to check on that tomorrow. The good news is that I have about a 45% chance at a T6 and a 47% chance at a T7. I could really use a female too, if I could get so lucky. 42% chance male and 50% chance female. That missing eight percent in both categories is the T8 male chance, which I neither need, want, or expect at this stage.

I tried looking up how the color stuff works, and it sounded pretty RNG. It adds up the three color numbers of the parents, randomly selects a non-zero number, then rolls a number from 1-X and makes up the remainder at random. Kinda. I’m still not super clear on the exact details, but the bottom line is that it sort-of steerable but still super random.

That’s one of the complaints I see a lot about BDO, outside of it’s cash shop anyway. Progression in most of its systems are entirely dependent upon RNG mechanics that can be controlled a little bit, but not really, and the more control you want, the more resources you’re going to need. This means more grinding.

Of course, right now I’m pretty much afk levelling horses all the time. So much so that I have absolutely absurd levels of ore sitting in storage. I think I have over 20k iron and copper at this point. I’m honestly afraid to look. At this rate, by the time I’m done messing with horses I’ll be spending days on end processing materials. I can’t even sell it on the market properly because it’s so flooded with massive quantities of crafting materials that mine don’t really move much.

We’ll see. That’s a problem for another day. Y’all take care.

3 thoughts on “Black Desert – More Horse Breeding

  1. Good luck with getting Sprint!

    I’m leveling up my second Tier 8 at the moment, and it seems I might have hit the jackpot. At lvl 24 it already has Sprint, Drift and that other speedboost-thingy.

    Don’t forget logging in every day btw, we’ll all get a Tier 8 for free in a couple of weeks.

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    1. Instant accel, I think is the other one? My two T5s gave me a T6F, so at least I can continue for the moment without going and catching more horses.

      If I can help it, the only time I log out is when maintenance forces me off on Wed. morning. It’ll be nice to get a free T8 though.

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