The Pull of XIV

I always forget, when I’ve been away from it for while, just how easily I can slip into FFXIV and lose hours. It seems like it starts as just an hour or so to do a quick queue and a few odds and ends then quickly becomes multi-hour sessions of doing every queue available plus spamming dungeons afterwards and doing gathering and crafting in between.

I’m quite fond of my crafting and gathering too. I’ve already started the weekly delivery routine for max level. I had all three gathering classes at max level and geared enough to be effective, but not top tier. On top of that I had three, maybe four, max level crafting classes as well. I had the specialist trait for Culinarian, Alchemist, and Goldsmith. I seemed to be working on Leatherworker when I quit. It’s in the mid-50s.

For all the time and effort I spent with my Dark Knight, I’m so done with tanking right now. It’s great for queue times, but the skill gap between then and now makes me feel ineffective. The level of knowledge required to catch story content up with a tank is much higher than I’m willing to put in right now. There’s no good way to do those fights without watching videos ahead of time, typically more than once. As a DPS all I need to commit to memory is the “how not to die” bits.

Today we spent a good deal of time discussing what we’ll be doing for the next expansion. Since our entire guild went on hiatus, there are only five members left, and neither of us are officers, so our abilities are limited. We can invite people and do some basic management, but we cannot remove people if things go sideways and there are just random things I can’t do.

The point of the thing is, the two of us like to do the raids. We even did some of the savage content from Stormblood, though I never personally got any clears. We were doing them entirely via PUGs, which is hit and miss at best, and nobody else in the guild is really interested in that. The obvious solution would be to try and recruit people to do that kind of content with. Forming our own static, so to speak. I’m not opposed to that, but we need a little more freedom to manage in order to pull that off.

The second option would be joining a static outside of the guild. I’ve never tried that, but I know a lot of the them prefer guild membership. I’m disinclined to leave the current one. Driven mostly by the fact that of the four other people, I know three of them personally. My brother, my coworker, and someone else at work that I see daily. It’s a great group, especially for the casual content and normal raiding.

I dunno, we’ll see. A lot of this also depends on what classes we end up getting. We’re seriously discussing the possibility of dual healing, since the two of us are on voice chat all the time. We did that some with Stormblood, White Mage and Scholar are a solid combination.

Either way, I’ll stop rambling on aimlessly about FFXIV. Y’all take care, try not to drive yourself insane with savage raiding.

2 thoughts on “The Pull of XIV

  1. Static is the lingo within FFXIV for a steady raid-group then, I take it?

    I’m really looking forward to trying out FFXIV again sometime soon, and while I love endgame raiding (it’s what I would normally play an MMO for), I’m probably going to try take a more casual route this time. Try to enjoy the story along the way rather than try to efficiently blitz it ‘just’ to get to the end.

    Will it work for me? Will have to see! If I did end up raiding, I’d probably look to do it with a guild as well. But that’s several steps ahead of where I am, so we’ll see. 🙂

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    1. Yeah, a static is a steady and consistent raid group. You don’t technically need one for Savage raids, but a lot of people in pugs will drop after one or two failures, even in a “learning” party.

      I totally don’t recommend just blitzing to the end, though, which is why I’ll probably never be a “world first” level raider. XIV is so heavily narrative driven, and some of it’s best moments might be lost on someone who hasn’t taken the time to follow the story. Haurchefant comes to mind, but there are plenty of others too.

      As you said, this is all very speculative. Time will tell. In the meantime, I’ll simply enjoy doing some more of the content I hadn’t got around to. I at least want to see how they wrapped up Stormblood.


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