Black Desert – 2/20 Marketplace Update

So Black Desert’s new marketplace has finally made it’s way over to the NA servers, though it would appear that it’s not currently working for many people and I’m sure they’re working hard to fix it. We don’t have any proper patch notes Naturally we got patch notes while I was typing all this out, but there is a marketplace specific set of notes.

While we have the ability to access the market from anywhere, they’re also planning to add a web-based way to access it as well at some point in the future. Items also have a price that allegedly adjusts to supply and demand instead of the previously fixed price and/or price range that existed before. It’s almost like a real market economy.

Each item is said to have a base price, which will fluctuate, with a min/max of up to -/+ 10%.

The biggest change, of course, is that instead of listing my items and letting people browse the listings and buy it, I’ll now be selling my goods to the “market” and get paid for it immediately. Anyone wanting to buy said item will be able to do so as long as the “market” has it in stock. If the market is at max stock, then you register the item below market price and get paid when it’s needed to replenish the stock. In other words, it’s probably more profitable to list your items during peak hours when the stock will probably be lower. At least, that’s how it sounds to me. Unfortunately the actual patch notes sound different from the marketplace notes, which is making it somewhat unclear.

There are some exceptions though. Gear that has been enhanced to +13 or higher cannot be bought without placing an “order,” which is essentially the same as the pre-order system before. You specify a price that is above current market value and when people sell those items to the market it will then provide it to the highest priced order available. In the event of a tie, it goes to the oldest order at that price point. At the moment, though, I’m seeing reports in the guild discord channel that this also isn’t functioning properly.

What has been seen in the release of the market on Korean and SEA servers is a spike in prices paid for high demand items. I generally stay away from those and have mostly been content to murder bosses repeatedly to get what I’m after.

What it will impact the most for me is going to be what I sell and how quickly I can get it sold. Most of what I list now are random by-products of farming, excess seeds, and occasionally gear I don’t need. There are a lot of thing I don’t bother listing because they don’t sell for much, take up a marketplace slot, and sometimes don’t even sell. I’m sure that will still happen, in some cases, but we’ll see how it turns out. If the demand is high enough I might even dump some excess crafting materials just to make room in storage.

Despite all this, the sales tax will remain the same, 35% base rate or  15.5% if you use “value pack.”

Another huge change I didn’t expect is that money will no longer have weight.

However, along with the introduction of the Central Market, we decided that it was more important for you to have more freedom in exchanging your items. Therefore we completely removed the weights from the Silver.

I might actually find myself forgetting to dump money in the bank constantly to keep weight down. I previously only carried around 200-300k at any given time.

For reasons that are also beyond my comprehension, this patch also included changes to damage scaling that ultimately amount to a damage buff for any character above level 20-30 across all classes. Actual amounts vary widely from small changes of only 10-20% to some more obnoxious ones that are around six times higher. That is, an increase of 600%.

I was going to report some other stuff today too, but talking about this update went on much longer than I anticipated, so I’ll save it for tomorrow maybe. Y’all take care, don’t accidentally 93mb of .rar files, that’s dangerous.

One thought on “Black Desert – 2/20 Marketplace Update

  1. Still probably the coolest fishing mini game of any mmo. Not because the fishing mechanic but because the variety of weight in each fish type, which allows for a fun challenge and variety. Now if they would just get rid of autofishing


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