Just Complaining – Slow Moving Bureaucracy

I find myself with a distinct lack of direction on what to write today. In fact, it’s pretty much been dominated by lots of bureaucratic paperwork. Specifically the process of rounding up all the various supporting documents required for a college application.

It’s not even that I disagree. They all have a function and purpose. I have one set of electronically ordered and delivered transcripts that were quite easy to request. I just got the confirmation this morning, presumably because of President’s Day. Hopefully I’ll get confirmation of receipt soon as well.

The second set of transcripts was a little more weird. On the one hand, it’s really nifty to fill out a pdf, including an electronic signature, and email that to the institution in question. Which I also just got confirmation from an hour ago. For all that technology, though, it’s still being sent via snail mail. Easily a week out.

The last set, my GED transcripts, were more expensive than those two put together, and I have absolutely no confirmation regarding their status, other than I’ve paid for it, regardless of whether it can be found, sent, or received.

In today’s world of technology and communication the whole system just seems so…. slow.

The upside is that I was able to simply email a copy of my driver’s license to the admissions department and that satisfied two line items. It feels almost obscenely simple by comparison.

Immunization records is going to be a little more fun. They have their own specific form that must be filled out by my health care provider. I should probably obtain a copy of my immunization record from the health department first to minimize the need to do a blood test. That’s apparently what they do when your records are unavailable. They take a blood sample and send it off to have it tested for antibodies. Might not hurt to ask the doctor about re-upping while I’m at it. Something about all these cases of measles going around making me a little nervous. I’m not in the at-risk group, but my children are. Fortunately they’ve been vaccinated much more recently than me.

The last thing I’ll have to wrap up is a placement test. Not an issue, really, but testing dates are limited and I need to figure out if I need to pre-register or just show up. I’ve got the phone number for the testing center and will probably try to call them soon.

Okay, I’ll quit complaining now. It’s just been the defining feature of my day today. Y’all take care. Make sure you cut through the red tape with a machete.

2 thoughts on “Just Complaining – Slow Moving Bureaucracy

  1. Good luck!
    That sounds awfully complicated though. IIRC for my (first and only) degree I just had to hand in my high school diploma and sign somewhere. o_O Different country, time and circumstances though.

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    1. Heh, well, it’s a side effect of having attended two other colleges in my life and the fact that I have a “high school diploma equivalent” instead of an actual high school diploma. I have never set foot in any high school as a student. So, yeah, a lot of this complication is just circumstances of my past. Extra effort, but not prohibitive.

      Thanks though, I’m looking forward to it!


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