FFXIV – Shadowbringers Features Research 1?

Alrighty, I hope everyone has their tin foil hats ready because I’m going down the speculation hole rather quick today. I knew we hadn’t exactly heard a lot about the new expansion for FF14 but the details are still painfully thin. This is the first time I’ve looked into it since the initial announcement trailer came out, so I’m a bit behind.

We’ll start with the easy one, the Gunbreaker class. It’s a tank, it uses a gunblade, and we don’t actually know much else. This does change up our guilds group dynamic though. I was one of the primary tanks during Stormblood, but one amongst us is a huge fan of the gunblade, so I’ll be passing that position off to him. I’ll still level and use my dark knight, but not as the go-to tank for most activities.

Most people seem to be assuming there will be a total of three classes. Heavensward had Drk, Mch, and Ast; Stormblood had Sam and Rdm, and most people are also counting Blu, but I’m not sure that’s wise. Either way, we know there’s at least one more. There currently isn’t any good basis on which to guess. Dancer is allegedly the most requested after blue mage and geomancer is also a possibility, as it’s in line with the setting being used.


This brings us around to the Viera, which is an officially announced player race. It’s a bunny-person race of which we have only seen the predictably playboy-esque females. I personally expect it to be a gender locked race, but I have no real basis for that assertion except none have ever really appeared. In the lore of Ivalice they are said to exist and live separately from the females.

There was an error of sort in the French localization that implies that an additional race entry may also exist called “hrothgar.” There’s one text tidbit that mentions “a la criniere majestueuse” in this context, which google translate says means “at the majestic mane.”


I see a lot of speculation that it’s a leonid race, and I see why that is, but it makes just as much sense that it’s a male Viera possibly styled after a lionhead rabbit. Rabbits can have manes too dangit. I’m thinking something along the lines of a fuzzy Elezen. We really don’t know though, time will tell.


Everyone keeps talking about how Yshtola was referred to as “like a black mage” in a keynote. In my reading about the Viera I came across a class from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance that’s exclusive to the Viera. It’s called elementalist and is described on the wiki as using “the power of the elements to deal elemental damage and perhaps inflict a status ailment.” As I read it I was thinking “y’know that sounds a lot…. like… a black mage…”

There are other major changes coming to the combat system in general, like combining MP and TP into a single resource, but I can’t seem to locate a decent source for this information. Some sort of system that lets you do dungeons with NPCs, presumably similar to how the squadron system works now. We’ll see, still a lot we don’t know.

There’s an upcoming fan fest in late March that may have a reveal, but it sounds like they’re holding most of their cards for May, so a month or less before the actual expansion drops. Gotta save that big fuel dump for the home stretch of the hype train.

I’ll take my crazy theories elsewhere and take off my foil hat for a little bit. Y’all take care, try not to summon any primals and don’t watch to much history channel.

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