Something New – South Park: The Fractured But Whole


Little on the offensive side this week. This obviously isn’t something that’s for everyone, as it’s extremely like the cartoon series itself and extremely self-referential. I can’t imagine it makes much sense to anyone who isn’t familiar with the series and/or The Stick of Truth. To be fair, this game is a year and a half old, but I’m generally disinclined to pay full price for anything, much less this.


Nevertheless, they’re both fairly decent games in their own right, if you can tolerate the humor and subject matter. The first one is very much styled after a fantasy RPG and this one has a superhero theme.


Instead of choosing a class you choose an archetype, which really isn’t that much different if you ask me. Since I did the paladin in SoT I went with the brutalist as something similar in play style. It’s “like The Thing or a really pissed off Batman.” There isn’t much actual information on the powers. If you select it you get a slightly enlarged icon and the range and have to kindof infer from those what it does.

Once you play to a certain point you can select a second power set that lets you mix and match powers for some variability. I went with the cyborg so far, but I’m considering going back to change it, which I can do at will, I believe.


A decent portion of the game, like the first one, is going around and collecting social media followers. The first game had FaceBook or Twitter or something, this one is selfies on a service that’s mocking Instagram. Some of them will do it automatically, some of them require other followers or a quest to be done first.


What South Park title would be complete without random celebrities sprinkled in for no particular reason? I have no idea why Morgan is running a restaurant or why he feels compelled to teach me how to make a burrito, but he is and he does. It’s apparently “a warm tortilla wrapped around pretty much any old thing.”


Combat has been retooled from a more traditional RPG style to a grid-based tactical system. I personally think it’s a good change, but I’m sure not everyone agrees. It certainly slows the pace of combat down just a hair, but I also haven’t used the wrong ability accidentally by hitting the wrong button.

It has a wide variety of random collectibles, just like the first game. Instead of chinpokomon or whatever they’re called, we’re not collecting, uh, art. It’s generally just taped up and/or hanging on a wall in random places and one of the fathers is paying you to collect it?

small rednecks.png

Like I said, it’s not for everyone. If you don’t find the cartoon show to be at least tolerable, you certainly won’t like this. It’s full of the random sorts of hijinks one might expect like getting attacked by rednecks if you tell the counselor your gender is “other.”

I’ll leave it there for today. I’ve been trying to keep this post within the bounds of the polite, which is slightly ironic. I personally picked this game up on sale really cheap, with all the DLC included, and wouldn’t really recommend it to anyone I don’t know personally. Y’all take care, try not to accidentally play any highly offensive games.

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