Black Desert Online – Horse Breeding

I started looking into the mechanics of horse breeding in Black Desert because better horse means faster travel and that means I can do more stuff. It was surprisingly complicated, more so than I though anyway.

The basic mechanics I understood. The chances for getting different horse tiers are based on the tier of the horses breeding and their level. Number of deaths used to matter, but apparently they changed that? For the best chances  you want two horses of the same tier, both at level 30. This seems to give you about a 50% chance to go up one tier and around 10% to go up two tiers. The remaining 40% would be same tier.

Naturally, getting a mount all the way to 30 can take a while. Setting a looped route and afk “training” by running back and forth seems to do a pretty good job. There’s even a double mount xp event going on, so maxing a horse takes a few days.

What I did not know, however, is that there’s also an underlying color/genetics system that also affects stats. I’m assuming it’s fairly random, but the calculator over at somethinglovely has a tab that shows possible outcomes from any two horses.

So today I went out and did a couple of routes, netting two female T4s and a male T5 that will help build up some stock. I’ll have to try and mix them with my current stock a little, especially the T5, because the purebred black horses are typically not very good. The wild caught T5s being all purebred black.

On top of that there’s a fairly desirable “courser” designation for horses that obtain a certain set of “best in slot” abilities. Things like Sprint, Instant Accel, and Drift. Sprint being by and large the single most important ability, adding an entire extra level of speed to the horse. Here’s hoping for a T8 courser, heh.

So outside of some time tomorrow making beer it looks like I’ll be doing a lot of horse training in the future. Fortunately I can be playing other things while that goes on in the background. I’ve still got a lot of tinkering around to get back on track in FFXIV, but I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things.

Y’all take care, try not to fall off any horses.

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