Black Desert Online – Random Update

So, for whatever reason, I’m still playing Black Desert Online. I haven’t been doing a whole lot though. Mostly just running around doing life skill stuff, helping with guild quests, and maybe one or two world bosses per day.

The life skills stuff is really taking two forms. I’m trying to get the gathering skill needed to do a quest to make pure iron crystals so I can make the higher end gathering tools. No real reason, just because. My gathering was actually kinda low because I’ve relied mostly on my workers to provide materials.

I have, I think, 18 workers at the moment. I’m easily burning two to three hundred beers a day to keep them going. About four of them are producing things to make beer with and most of them are producing ores and minerals. I’ve got a few doing odd things like gathering cotton, which I don’t use for anything and another that gathers maple used for gathering tools and taking up space. That’s the real problem, I’m a hoarder and packrat of materials.

I made 1100 or so steel ingots the other day and sent half to the tool workshop location and half to the armor workshop location and could probably easily make another 2000 more. I haven’t bothered because I don’t need it, but the materials continue to flow in regardless of whether or not I need them. I should probably just do some afk processing sessions and put it on the market.

Ferret pet is cute – Screenshot courtesy of my brother.

What I really should be doing is the main quest, I guess. While Valencia city is architecturally interesting, the valencia region is brown rocks and sand. It’s just a constant struggle because every single quest takes me to another location that’s, you guessed it, brown rocks and sand. I’m so sick of doing the quests in that area that I’d rather be doing just about anything else.

Unfortunately I was writing this several hours ago and no longer remember where I was going, so I’ll go ahead and call it there. I’ve got a wonderful and exciting post tomorrow about the Activision Blizzard earnings call, so you know what to read if you need to take a nap. Y’all take care.

2 thoughts on “Black Desert Online – Random Update

  1. BDO was a game my old guild pretty much came back together for… for a short time.

    Loved the combat, loved the depth to many of the systems, loved the rate and scope of content releases.

    *Haaaated* the RNG means of progressing gear. I took a Yuria up to +12 or whatever the launch maximum was before the super stones came along to the western release, but after that, I was *done*. lol

    Nonetheless, I haven’t quite been able to bring myself to remove the game from my list of, ‘Things I’ll probably come back to someday’.

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    1. Ah, we played for maybe a week or so back in 2016 then pretty much put it down. I played for a month or so in 2017 by myself but got bored with the grind. We’ve got a good guild this time around, but the gear grind is, well, what it always was. I pushed a Kzarka blade up to PRI a few days ago, but that took pretty much all the black stones and stuff that I had. I’ve got a dande lined up next, once I get some resources built back up.

      There is an awful lot to do though. Managed to breed a T6 horse last night. Probably just set myself running in circles overnight to push it’s level up.

      I’ll eventually tire of it though, I can already feel it reaching that point.


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