Guitar Hero Live Refunds and Fortnite/Apex

I don’t have a lot going on today. Weird schedule has me a little off course, as it is wont to do. Still managed to have a few things on the radar though. Mostly just watching games compete and Activision do… whatever it’s doing.

I actually got pinged pretty early in the day that the Activision Blizzard stock was down 5% for the day. I didn’t catch much, but it look like they’re gonna have some layoffs, so I guess it kind of follows that some people choose to jump ship when they do. Ironically that ping came from the Robinhood app that I was looking at. They have a fairly no-frills sort of brokerage that’s conveniently also light on fees, but doesn’t have the sort of information and news feed that the better services have, so I have to actually go looking for that kind of stuff when I get the alerts.

The news about layoffs seems to have been somewhat expected, with most people looking for it ahead of an earnings call that’s happening tomorrow. In addition to that there’s also a refund program for Guitar Hero Live. It only applies to people who purchased it in the last year and it’s due to a decent chunk of the library being unavailable after a server shutdown. I’m not certainly how many qualifying sales they expect, but it’s still not good amidst everything else they  have going on.

It’s additionally fun to watch the internet shift from Fortnite to Apex Legends. I admittedly don’t know much about Apex, but it looks like it’s breaking into the scene pretty strong. I generally consider competition to be a good thing though. Wouldn’t want Epic thinkin’ they own the place. I’ve been seeing a lot of battle royale modes popping up in other games as well. Black Desert introduced one called the Shadow Arena. I haven’t played it personally, but I’ve heard it pays pretty good regardless.

small babies

I’m also at least going to make an attempt to include some images, relevant or otherwise. These are week old mini-rex babies. They have a very silky and shiny coat which is a trademark rex trait. These may in fact be satin rexs, I honestly can’t keep track. They’re cute in a fuzzy rabbit maggot kind of way though.

Think that’s about it for today. It’s either that to tell you the ever exciting tale of afk processing in Black Desert. Y’all take care, try not invest all your money in Enron, and maybe think long and hard if you’re considering Activision.

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