Eco – Update 0.8

We’ve still been messing around with Eco, in addition to everything else, and the game had a pretty big update this past week. While they did add a few more critters and plants, the biggest changes are to the skill system and to mining.

The previous skill system built up points over time that you can spend in any available tree. The new system gives you a specialization star at the start, and every so often depending on your xp bonus. Right now it’s working out to be about one point every other day. This is a pretty hard limit on advancement compared to before, where there wasn’t a default limit on specializations. We’re a few days in and only have two specs each and aren’t expecting the next one until tomorrow.

Each specialization has now been reduced to a single skill line that goes up as you use it, with recipes, efficiency, and speed all wrapped up in each level. This also means that you have to be actively doing things in order to improve, instead of simply investing points wherever  you want them. I actually halved the skill gain before we restarted due to the obnoxious speed we progressed before. I find it to be a pretty decent pace overall.

They also changed the game from having simple “stone” to having a wide variety of different stone types that require different grade tools to harvest. The ores that were previously random are now limited to specific stone types and depths. It’s a pretty decent change that’s had some interesting ramifications.

Unfortunately, along with these changes the memory usage has gone through the roof. It’s no longer possible for me to keep the server open while I’m doing other things. In order to do basically anything other than play the game I have to shut the server down. Hopefully this is just a bug and they’ll sort it out soon. If not, I’ll probably have to set it aside for a while.

I did look into paying to have the server hosted by someone else, but it’s current level of memory usage would put it around $25+/month hosting fee with no guarantee it’ll work properly. I tried to limit it locally on my own PC, but that feature isn’t built in and it just aborts when it hits the memory cap. Was worth a shot anyway.

On that note, I gotta go get dinner started. It’s only a matter of time before the kids decide they’re starving. Y’all take care.

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