College Applications

I find filling out a college application an odd experience. Answering some of these questions, like past college experience, requires details I barely remember pieced together from things like Amazon order history. At the very least, I’ve probably been using Amazon way to long.

My oldest order is from sometime in 2002. Books for a writing assignment, if I recall correctly. All the purchases are dated and have an address though, which helps me create an awkward sort of timeline. Of course, I’m sure they’ll want transcripts at some point.

In theory, I could get transfer credit for at least some of the basic math classes and such. Not much though. I don’t think I ever took a proper english course and the highest level math class I have a decent grade in is probably college algebra.

That’s the unfortunate bit is that the last college I attended I was basically a dropout by the end of the first year. It didn’t live up to my expectations and I lost the will to bother. I doubt any of those credits are worth much of anything. It was a highly specialized school anyway though, so I doubt there was much transferable to begin with.

Likewise I took the time to ask my wife if she would be okay with it as well. I didn’t think she would be opposed, but it never hurts to run major long term time-consuming decisions through first.

I’m gonna call it there though. Early morning again and it’s been a busy day. Y’all take care, and try not to surprise anyone with major life choices they weren’t included in.

3 thoughts on “College Applications

  1. Just my thoughts. With college courses costing thousands of dollars per class, it may be worth spending a small amount to get transcripts for what you have completed, even if it was years ago. Do not discount the fact that many colleges will look at what you have done as far as a job in the past. My wife ended up with 5 or 6 classes of credits beyond her Associates degree based on job experience in her field. Something else to consider, is if you do need the basics, English, Math etc, maybe getting your feet wet at the local community college if you have one nearby to get back into the groove of going to school. They will certainly be less costly per credit hour and will definitely transfer in.

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    1. Yeah, transcripts are on the to-do list. I’m uncertain if any of my past job experience would help, but I appreciate the suggestion and I’ll make a point to bring it up. Ironically, the credits I do have that are likely to transfer are from a local technical college. I should check and see if they offer the higher level math classes though, that’s a good point. They’re both about the same distance though, so I’ll have to compare tuition rates.

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      1. I know when we talked to the people at Strayer they mentioned that if it was a subject you knew you really knew, you could try to test out of it for full credit, for I think $15? Been awhile and my memory is fuzzy. If you passed you got the credit.

        They participated in CLEP

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