Something New – Cattails


This is actually a title I picked up because my middle child wanted to try it. It’s not that bad, really. Kindof like Stardew Valley, but you’re a cat.


Into sequence is a bit harsh, and doesn’t make a ton of logical sense, but whatever. It covers the basis of why you’re a house cat in the woods anyway. You’re immediately greeted by some manner of friendly mentor cat, and get to choose a “faction” to join before you really get a chance to do much.


You get a “den” area to save your game and sleep in. It’s placed in the town of whichever faction you choose. I’ve seen some videos that show it’s customizable and/or expandable, but I haven’t made it to whatever part allows you to do that.


The game has a number of things you can be doing, but honestly I’ve spent most of my time hunting so I don’t starve to death. I nearly starved to death a few days in because I had a hard time hunting and stopped for a day to experiment with other stuff and had to sell some random plant and stuff to the store to but some emergency food.


There is a skill system that’s supposed to help as well. There are only a few passives, one for each major type of activity, plus swimming, because water is rather irritating and dangerous. Hunting is pretty straightforward though, you just have to be near and looking at a catchable critter while a bubble fills up then hit spacebar. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.


I haven’t had much luck with fighting. There’s typically a half dozen or so enemies and they all hit kinda hard and are only slightly slower than I am, so I can’t really get behind them. The areas where fighting is going on is visible on the map so I just avoid those areas where possible.

I’m not really sure what foraging does, exactly, but I assume it’s related to the various plants you can collect. They have a variety of uses, some heal, some are good for selling, etc. I typically sell all mine.

task board

There’s also a sort of job board that’ll have a random task for you to complete each day. I’ve only succeeded once so far. It gives you a token you can exchange for food, abilities, or cosmetics.

underground shrine

A couple of days in it also introduces you to a sort of underground shrine that reminds me of the community center from Stardew Valley. No idea what happens when you complete one. I’m still working on this first one at the moment. You have to actually bring the critters in question and turn them in to get credit.

All in all it’s not bad. My child, probably more than one, would really like this, though the difficulty may be a bit steep at first. I think I could get them through the basics though. Cat simulator for the win, I suppose.

Y’all take care, make sure you eat regularly, or else.

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