Super Discount Clothing and more Eco

Bit late today. Spent half the day out and let my wife use the computer a good bit of the afternoon. She was trying to convince a Raspberry Pi to cooperate and it was disinclined.

This leaves me not having done a while lot today, other than go buy some pants and shirts from the thrift store on 50% day. Some of the jeans I only paid $0.50/pair for, so that’s always a win.

eco home.png

My brother did eventually get a copy of Eco though, so we’ve played that some. Got a nice little setup going so far. I’m doing more of a farming/cooking route and he’s handling most of the tech/construction stuff.


This has left us with a huge pile of tailings from iron refinement though, on the left. It’s slowly polluting the entire area around it. My brother is working on a stone enclosure, seen in the background, so house it somewhat more safely. Still I foresee this becoming quite the issue long term. It’s already… not good.

Either way, midnight approaches, so I’ll keep it short today. Y’all take care, try not to destroy the environment.

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