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So Jeromai mentioned this game in my tragedy of the commons post the other day, and for good reason. The premise of the game is that there’s a meteor coming, and it’s up to you and others to cooperate and create a civilization that can withstand the impact. If you manage your resources poorly in the meantime, you can destroy the environment yourself in the meantime. Probably easier than it sounds, but I’ve only just started poking around with it.

full screen.png

Graphically it somewhat resembles any other voxel title, like Minecraft. It’s got a little bit more going on with some built in shaders and such, but it is what it is. Gameplay wise it has more in common with Ark.


So the pie on the left measures a couple of things. The individual pie pieces indicate my current nutrient balance. The more balanced it is, the more skill points you gain. In my case, my fat is really low because I don’t have access to meat just yet. I’ve been living off foraged food and working towards farming.

The size of the pie, on the other hand, indicates current calorie level. Doing work uses calories which makes the pie smaller. So not only do you need to be eating regularly, but also try to vary what you eat as well. It’s like a well balanced diet is hard or something.

When you go to collect something like wood, which you would do a lot, you have to smack the tree till it falls over, then cut it into sections. It does a fair amount of damage to the area it lands on. The plateau I’ve been working on is somewhat beat down due to repeated tree impacts.

carrying wood

Then you have to pick up the individual pieces. You can only carry around four pieces though, so it typically takes 2-3 trips to collect a single tree. I’ve watched some streamers play though, and at some point you can get carts that allow you to move larger quantities of stuff around instead of using an armload at a time.


Mining works pretty much the same way. Smack the rock and it creates four rocks you can pick up or two rocks and large rock that you have to smack again. It’s actually almost faster and easier to gather stone compared to wood, but it doesn’t exactly grow back.

Moving dirt around is the thing I dislike the most at the moment, as I have to use a shovel to pick up a block, go somewhere and dump it, repeat. It’s rather time consuming, if somewhat realistic. I actually took these screenshots digging out an area for a house expansion. Some things like the carpentry table and research table have to be inside a room with a certain amount of space.

research table

I did eventually manage to build and figure out how to use research table though. I had a little difficulty figuring out if I needed the Farming book or not, as I had a farming related skill. It was “Farmer” and this was “Farming” though, so I assumed they were different.


Farm! I have officially moved on from straight foraging to actual farming. Which is good, because the beets and corn aren’t anywhere near my little camp. I’ve been living mostly off crimini mushrooms.


There are plenty of other systems in the game as well, such as a governance and laws system. While I was taking all these screenshots on my private server I also voted myself World Leader. I mean, it’s not like I plan to do much with it, I just thought it was funny. Like being on a deserted island all by yourself and taking time out of your day to officially proclaim that you’re the leader.

Probably actually buy my brother a copy in a week or so and I’ll take it a little more seriously. The purpose of this attempt was purely to figure out what I’m doing and get a feel for it. Make sure it was worth recommending to him.

So y’all take care. Remember to vote of Giant Meteor for 2020 and try not to ruin the environment in the meantime.

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