Inter-guild Politics

You know, I’ve never been a guild leader for more than a half dozen people, and I typically know all of them personally, so I don’t know how much that counts. Honestly what I’ve read on other blogs, like Cali’s, doesn’t really make me want to start. Neither do the ongoing events in Black Desert.

So, last week we had a minor skirmish with another guild. They had some very aggressive guild members that were spawn camping someone who then asked for help in server chat. A few of our members went to assist them and were struggling, so we showed up in force and eventually ran them off.

In the meantime, though, both guilds declared war on each other and there was a rather extended exchange of hostilities. Both sides eventually lost their taste for blood, though, and agreed to a truce. It was rather late at night, and I wasn’t around, but the talks went on for some time.

Then, a day or so later a few of them showed up when we started farming and one of us. Would have been two, but I figured I was next and booked it. I’m not exactly 3v1 material. We were ultimately told that those members in particular just sort of did whatever and killed anything that moved at popular grinding spots, therefore we had not been specifically targeted as members of our own guild. I thought the logic was a little shady, but whatever.

Now apparently one of our members has been shooting off at the mouth and actively hunting members of the aggressive guild, which had to be talked down from a war declaration, merely stating that they’d camp our guild leader instead. Such quality people. Our leader was… not happy. Why the offending member hasn’t been removed from the guild is beyond me, as that’s the first thing I would have done.

They do seem to have resolved their differences in the battle arena area. At least I hope so. The whole point of the thing was to not seriously inconvenience every member of the guild, particularly the lower level members. I could at least defend myself in theory, if not in fact.

That said, it’s about time to set myself up for afk activities and get to sleep. Y’all take care, try not to start any guild wars.

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