YouTube – Defy Media and Gordon “Hot Wings” Ramsey

Okay, so among the many channels I watch on YouTube is The Game Theorists. I don’t watch all of it, just some here and there. It’s main personality, MatPat, hasn’t exactly had a fun year. Among the many things causing him grief is that his channel network, or former channel network, I guess, Defy Media not only went abruptly out of business, but has left several channels without their advertising income. He has a video in which he discusses the issue in detail and at length:

Some of what he mentions actually sounds like it would be some form of financial fraud. Presenting income that’s only passing through as profits sounds kinda like “creative accounting” to me. Considering some of these companies were sold to large media corporations I’m a little surprised it’s just now coming up. Time will tell I guess

On a much lighter note there’s a show I’ve never heard of before called Hot Ones, where they apparently interview someone over increasingly potent hot wings. They’ve just kicked off a new season with the (in)famous and sometimes controversial chef Gordon Ramsey. Now, I enjoy his shows for the semi-fictional entertainment that they are. I also hold some measure of respect for him for some of the non-inflammatory work he has done, like working with child chefs and drug abuse in food service. Now, this is Gordon Ramsey, so the video has quite a lot of swearing, increasing rapidly with the heat of the wings.

I personally found it quite entertaining though. I may take a look through some of the previous episodes at some point and see if there are some others I’d like to see. I enjoy hot wings, though some of what they tried was absurd. I also rather enjoy watching other people suffer through ones I wouldn’t want to look at for fear of catching the heat by proxy.

In non-YouTube news, I think I’m going to try and set Pratchett aside for a while and focus on some other reading I’d like to get done. I’m loathe to pick up the last of the main novels anyway. I’ve been reading them off and on for years and the idea of reaching “the end” isn’t really one I’m fond of. Of course, I also intend to pick up the young adult series at some point. Even considered reading it with the kids.

For now, though, I’m getting some sleep. I’ve got a lot I want to play, poke, and deal with this weekend and that means not sleeping in. Y’all take care, try not to end up in the book hole.

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