What I’d Like to See – MMO Economics

I’ve found that, on the whole, the science of economics is fairly interesting. Since it’s essentially measures human behavior, it’s a bit chaotic, but when done properly provides some really interesting information on how and why we make the choices we do.

Likewise, I’d like to see more scientific analysis of MMO economies as well. I’ve seen it come up time and again, but I’m never really sure what’s really true. I’m a bit of a data oriented person. I don’t want peoples observations and anecdoes, I want data and statistics.

What brought this on is some upcoming changes to the Black Desert marketplace that are expected to make items significantly more expensive. I’ve had a hard time tracking down exactly what’s changing. It seems to be moving to a more pre-order driven market? I dunno, BDO is weird as it is, with it’s super price controlled market. It’s hardly a standard market.

Then I stop and look at some of the other odd things I’ve played over the years, like SWG which had an entirely player driven market, for the most part. There wasn’t much in the way of NPC vendors, yet it worked out so that almost anything you want would be available. How many people does that take though? What sort of population is required in order to keep goods that well covered?

My other example is The Repopulation, which would have probably had something similar, but still has a plethora of NPC vendors to serve certain needs. I wouldn’t say it has a super healthy market, but it has a functional one, even with a really low population. The downside is that it can be hard to get specific things because there isn’t enough on the market.

I really need to take some time and try to find something, but for now I need to head to bed. I’m nodding off as I try to write this. It’s just so exciting.

Y’all stay safe, don’t crash any MMO markets or anything.

One thought on “What I’d Like to See – MMO Economics

  1. I think that the BDO market would be a little borked even if it weren’t so price controlled, owing to the inability to trade directly with other players. That was a hammer solution to a screwdriver problem.


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