Days Off and Nexon

It’s funny, Friday has almost become a day off for blog posts. It isn’t and wasn’t an intentional thing, just how the schedule has just sortof worked out. By the time I get home and get dinner settled I poke around a little bit then get ready for bed.

I just haven’t been finding many things to talk about either. I spent a little time looking at some wikipedia stuff, did a quick guild quest on Black Desert, answered someone’s question(s) about The Repopulation on reddit, and that’s about it.

The only real news of interest was the majority shareholder of Nexon saying he’s open to the idea of selling. Kinda big news for anyone that likes their games. Most of their titles have never left Korea though, so it’s impact for me would be somewhat minimal. I have played most of the titles they’ve put out in the US, like Maplestory 2, which I’ve even posted about in the past. Curious to see if anything comes of it.

Reckon that’s all I’ve really got for today though. Y’all take care.

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