BDO – Quick Correction and Update

Okay, first off, I gotta make a correction to my BDO post. I stated that you could spend 1400 loyalty points, two weeks worth, to get a 7 day “value pack.” That was incorrect. It is, in fact, only a one day value pack. That is, uh, a considerably horrible value.

I actually have a few seven day packs from various returning player packs and whatnot though, so I at least don’t have to buy one yet.

I also went ahead and joined a guild. Provides a little purpose to the grind. Managed to hit 56 tonight and will fool with the awakening stuff tomorrow, I guess. The guild saved up and purchased a boss scroll too, which was the most fun I’ve had in a while. We got totally wrecked, like comically so. Boss spawned in, did some sort of spin punch and immediate one-shotted everyone. We then proceeded to bum rush it in a vain attempt to do some kind of damage between sudden deaths. We had fun dying horribly, anyway.

I’ve got to get to bed though, we were up way to late getting murdered. Y’all take care.

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